Faith in the Public Square

Faith in the Public Square October 11th, 2021

God and Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley lifestyle can leave residents busy, financially stretched, and skeptical, with little time for or interest in God. But this is not the whole story. God is penetrating hard-hearted souls in Silicon Valley. Evidence is pointing to a movement of God in Silicon Valley.
Faith in the Public Square October 7th, 2021

Faith and Football: NFL Head Coach Frank Reich’s Christian Education Journey Fosters Success on the Field

NFL head coach Frank Reich is no stranger to comebacks. He holds the records for the largest comeback in NCAA History and in NFL history, both times by replacing the starting quarterback. In 1984, he came off the bench for the University of Maryland and brought them back from a 31–0 halftime deficit to beat the…
Faith in the Public Square September 29th, 2021

Global Week of Student Prayer: Stories from around the Nation

Last week, students from all around the nation took part in what is known as the Global Week of Student Prayer. The most recognizable event from this week each year is called “See You at the Pole,” which is a student-organized, student-led movement that emphasizes the power of prayer amongst students in their respective schools and…
Faith in the Public Square September 2nd, 2021

How to Talk to Your Children or Students about Politics

Modern minds fall prey to the tyranny of the present. Social media and modern technology has not helped us in that respect. Glowing screens demand our attention and the best way to get our attention is with carnage and outrage. Context does not sell and nuance doesn’t get clicks. However, a little historical context quickly dispels the notion that "it’s never been this bad."