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General Education November 29th, 2022

Kansas special education funding exceeded expenditures, contrary to claims of school funding advocates

(The Sentinel) – School funding advocates met at the Capitol in Topeka recently to make the case that special education in Kansas is underfunded.  But other testimony presented shows the Legislature’s funding exceeds schools’ spending. State law requires that Kansas pay 92% of “excess costs,” which is determined by subtracting total spending from federal funding. According to…
COVID-19, General Education November 25th, 2022

Massachusetts education official: No substitute for in-person learning

(The Center Square) – As the widespread impact of pandemic-induced classroom closures has come into sharper focus, Massachusetts educators and lawmakers alike are grappling with how to make up for lost time – and address some of the critical underlying issues that still serve as barriers. The state Legislature’s Joint Committee on Education on Tuesday held…
General Education November 22nd, 2022

Lawmakers blast Pentagon funding for CRT, liberal gender ideology training, policies

(The Center Square) – A new GOP report details how the Pentagon has prioritized promoting critical race theory, progressive gender ideology and more using taxpayer dollars. The report, commissioned by U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, lays out a series of examples of liberal racial and gender ideology permeating military training, policies and leadership,…
General Education, Woke November 18th, 2022

Survey: 98% of parents report finding sexually explicit content in school

A staggering 98% of parents surveyed say their children have been exposed to sexually explicit materials in school.  Nearly one-in-five respondents spoke of teachers providing a “transition closet” with a change of clothes provided by the school – often including physical binding implements for breasts and genitalia for children wishing to act out gender transitions without their…
General Education November 18th, 2022

Tom Horne wins, Kathy Hoffman concedes in Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction race

(The Center Square) – Incumbent Democrat Kathy Hoffman conceded in the race for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction on Thursday morning. Hoffman trailed Republican Tom Horne by 8,718 votes as of Thursday morning. Horne was leading the race 50.2% to 49.8%, according to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office. Here is the concession statement Hoffman posted on her…
General Education, Parents November 15th, 2022

Democratic congressman from California takes heat for calling Republican colleague’s pro-parent message ‘so stupid’

“This is so stupid” was the message of a U.S. congressman about a fellow lawmaker’s support of parents’ rights in education. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-California, made his “stupid” remark in response to a statement Sen. Tim Scott, R-South Carolina, made upon winning re-election on Nov. 8. “We are putting parents back in charge of their kids’…
General Education November 11th, 2022

The pandemic fundamentally changed the way parents view K-12 education, report says

(reimaginED) – The Covid-19 pandemic proved that K-12 education was ripe for disruption. A new report from Tyton Partners finds that a majority of parents “prefer to direct and curate their child’s education rather than rely on local school systems.” With many families educating their children at home during the crisis, parents discovered learning and personal growth…
General Education, School Choice November 4th, 2022

School zoning laws don’t make much sense anymore, especially for parents and their children

Public schools historically have been defined by their location. Whether one’s home is in a “good school district” matters. But the last few years have raised important questions about whether tying children to a particular building is wise policy. Zoning laws may have made some sense decades ago, but today, they serve little purpose other than protecting established interest groups at the expense of children and families.
General Education, Public Education November 1st, 2022

‘Trick on Taxpayers’ outlines questionable projects, for schools and others, funded by COVID-19 relief

(The Center Square) – More and more federally funded, controversial projects that came as part of pandemic-relief spending passed by Congress are coming to light, and few of them do not have anything to do with COVID-19. Citizens Against Government Waste released its annual breakdown of the last year’s “nightmarish” federal spending in honor of Halloween. The report…
General Education November 1st, 2022

West Virginia’s Amendment 4 would hold appointed state education board accountable, supporters argue

Every government agency in West Virginia is required by law to submit new rules and regulations to state lawmakers for approval, with one glaring exception: the Department of Education. However, a proposed amendment on the Nov. 8 ballot would change that. Amendment 4 would require the West Virginia State Board of Education to submit changes in…