Prominent Voices Series

Prominent Voices Series September 13th, 2021

Thomas Sowell: NYC Charter Schools Outperform Traditional Public Schools

Last year, renowned economist and social theorist Thomas Sowell wrote Charter Schools and Their Enemies. The book shows the extent to which charter schools in New York City outperform their traditional public school counterparts. The comparison is especially weighty since the schools examined share the same buildings and serve the same communities. At the same time,…
Prominent Voices Series September 6th, 2021

Mike Rowe Shares the Dirty Truth about Work

Mike Rowe has become the face of hard work in America, especially with the success of his Discovery Channel show, “Dirty Jobs.” For years now, he has been preaching in favor of hard work, the value of blue collar skills, as well as questioning the ‘inevitability’ of student debt and college degrees. Rowe’s no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is style…
Prominent Voices Series August 24th, 2021

Rod Dreher to Christian Parents: Pull Your Kids Out of Public Schools

In his recent bestselling book, Dreher minces no words: "Because public education in America is neither rightly ordered, nor religiously informed, nor able to form an imagination devoted to Western civilization, it is time for all Christians to pull their children out of the pubic school system. If those reasons weren’t already enough, the corrosive effect of the toxic peer culture found among students in many public schools (as well as private ones) would confirm the case…Plus, public schools by nature are on the front lines of the latest and worst trends in popular culture."
Prominent Voices Series August 17th, 2021

John Piper Answers: “Public, Private, Online, Homeschool?” (Prominent Voices Series)

As America becomes more pervasively secular with commitments...that are not neutral, but anti-Christian, partnering with public-school teachers to accomplish biblical goals for our children becomes, year by year, less feasible — and, indeed, in many cases, unthinkable.