Daily Wire slams Disney in launch of Bentkey platform for kids 

(The Daily Signal) – The Daily Wire is bringing back Saturday morning cartoons and more, in a bid to challenge Disney’s loosened grip on the family entertainment market. 

The streaming…

(The Daily Signal) – The Daily Wire is bringing back Saturday morning cartoons and more, in a bid to challenge Disney’s loosened grip on the family entertainment market. 

The streaming platform Bentkey, with new episodes dropping weekly, features “content kids will love and parents can trust,” Jeremy Boreing, The Daily Wire’s co-CEO, promises in a launch video. 

“Disney, the most powerful entertainment company in the world, got caught saying the quiet part out loud,” Boreing says in the video, referring to events a little over a year ago. “Namely, that they were using their brand, a brand parents have been trusting with their children for generations, to indoctrinate those children into the LGBTQIA cult.” 

In the months since, he said, The Daily Wire committed itself to competing with the Disney+ streaming service for viewers. 

Bentkey’s programming went live Monday, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Walt Disney Co., and became the No. 1 app for kids in the Apple App Store in its first day, The Daily Wire reported. 

“Daily Wire has been on a mission to take back the children’s entertainment industry from the woke mob,” Boreing said. 

The Daily Wire calls itself America’s fastest-growing conservative news and media company, surpassing 1 million subscribers in November 2022.  

“Disney as a corporation pushes all the excesses of the woke Left… [and] controls the largest content library ever created,” Boreing said. “Their cultural reach, particularly with children, is beyond anything that’s ever existed.” 

But today’s Disney doesn’t share the values of Walt Disney, its pioneering animator and family entertainment mogul, he said. 

“Walt Disney loved America,” Boreing said. “The company he founded thinks America is systemically racist.”  

Disney did not immediately respond to The Daily Signal’s request for comment.

Over the past three years, The Daily Wire has been on a mission to create an alternative to Disney, and it has spent $100 million to create its own children’s entertainment company, Boreing said in the launch video.  

Boreing calls Bentkey “a company dedicated to creating the next generation of timeless stories that transport kids into a world of adventure, imagination, and joy.”  

The brand’s logo features an image of a bent key, a play on Bentkey Ventures LLC, the name of The Daily Wire’s publishing company. It’s also a nod to the bent key that Boreing has worn around his neck for the past 28 years, The Daily Wire reported

Bentkey is available for streaming at no extra cost to subscribers to Daily Wire+, which charges $13.99 a month.  

Users may download Bentkey from the Apple or Google app stores, in addition to Android, AppleTV, Roku, and FireTV, and also may log in using their Daily Wire+ account information.  

Those interested only in the content for children may choose an annual membership to Bentkey for $99.  

Over 150 episodes are available to stream, including four original series: 

—“A Wonderful Day With Mabel Maclay,” which encourages kids to slow down and use their creativity.  

—“Chip Chila,” which features a family of chinchilla homeschoolers who learn history, classics, and how to care for others with love.  

—“Kid Explorer,” in which Broadcast Cal takes children on adventures that shaped the modern world.  

—“Kid Fit Go!,” which offers dynamic, guided workouts for kids. 

Bentkey also announced that a movie, “Snow White and the Evil Queen” starring Brett Cooper, will make its debut in 2024.  

The film is designed to rival Disney’s modern interpretation of its legacy film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” set to hit movie theaters in March 2024. Besides being an actress, Cooper is a conservative commentator for The Daily Wire.