Former surgeon, whistleblower on kids’ trans procedures comes forward after depleting savings to defend himself against the feds

A former surgeon in Texas, who outed a medical center for performing gender reassignment procedures on minors, said he has wiped out his savings in defending himself against the federal…

A former surgeon in Texas, who outed a medical center for performing gender reassignment procedures on minors, said he has wiped out his savings in defending himself against the federal government.

Dr. Eithan Haim blew the whistle on Texas Children’s Hospital, which allegedly continued to perform gender reassignment procedures after state-wide condemnation when the “secret sex-change program” was first revealed by the City Journal.

But despite promises to stop the procedures, Haim later revealed that the procedures were still being performed at Texas Children’s on minors as young as 11, said the Journal in a follow-up.

That prompted the passage in the Texas Senate of a statewide ban on such procedures for minors.  

And subsequently, federal agents showed up at Haim’s door.   

He told Fox News that he’s “wiped out his savings,” spending hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ).  

Haim said that federal agents served him with a complaint at home, revealing he was a target of a criminal investigation by the DOJ.    

“Why exactly are they saying that they’re coming after you?” Fox’s Laura Ingraham asked the doctor.  

“You know, I wish I had a good answer for that, but honestly, I couldn’t tell you. Your guess would probably be just as good as mine,” Haim said.   

He told Fox he thinks it’s a “politically motivated investigation” because members of the Biden administration at HHS have been “captured” by transgender ideology.  

Haim said that he “was given a target letter signed by a federal prosecutor that stated” he “was being criminally investigated for a case regarding medical records,” according to the Daily Mail.  

Federal agents are allegedly investigating the release of the medical records of the trans youth the doctor used for his whistleblowing activities, although Haim said he was careful to keep the identities and personal information of the minor victims secret. 

The Daily Mail shared photos of the records with names, and other identifying information marked out with a heavy red marker. 

In a video interview, Haim said that the COVID-19 measures helped create the conditions necessary to industrialize the transgender industry and ramp up procedures on minors. 

Haim said that two important outcomes of the COVID-19 response allowed doctors to implement trans procedures on minors at a “large scale.”     

“The first was the prioritization of ideology over evidence” that became endemic during COVID-19, he said.    

The second was the ability to successfully censor anyone who challenged the ideology, he added.  

Truth, as a result of COVID-19, became real only because some people wanted certain outcomes, not because they were objectively true from a scientific and medical basis, he contends.    

This is most concerning when it becomes “the driving force behind medical recommendations,” especially for trans procedures on minors, he said.  

Haim added that the strong-armed tactics by the feds are aimed at trying to keep others in the medical profession nationwide from speaking out about trans medical procedures on children. 

“People are starting to wake up to what’s happening. So you have more doctors who are going to be willing to do this [in speaking out],” he added.  

So far, Haim’s defenders have raised $116,324 for his defense fund at Give Send Go, an online fundraising site. He has a goal of $500,000. 

“This fund supports my legal defense in order to establish a precedent for other whistleblowers to speak out without fear of government persecution,” Haim wrote.  

Some of the money will help pay for the legal defense of bans on trans medical procedures on minors. 

Additionally, some of the money will be spent “towards dismantling the legal and political regime,” that’s trying to silence medical professionals like Haim, he promises.