Fifth-grade public school teacher identifying as ‘trans demi-boy non-binary’ offers a shorthand lesson in all that ails education

A self-identified “trans demi-boy non-binary” elementary teacher posted a video to social media on teaching children about imaginary “gender identities” and pronouns.

Skye Tooley is employed…

A self-identified “trans demi-boy non-binary” elementary teacher posted a video to social media on teaching children about imaginary “gender identities” and pronouns.

Skye Tooley is employed at the Saturn Street Elementary School in Los Angeles, a public school in the L.A. Unified School District. Her bio is a fair warning to all regarding her educational worldview.

“My name is Skye Tooley! My pronouns are they/them. I diligently push to create a safe space and brave space for my students. We work on being uncomfortable, challenged, and communicating. We work to understand our identity, bias, and privilege.”

Unsurprisingly, the primary purposes of a fifth-grade education, achieving competency in math, history, science, and English, are not mentioned.

Perhaps unsure the reader picked up on her preferred pronouns, Tooley expounds on them in the next paragraph. 

“I identify as trans nonbinary. I use the pronouns they/them to identify and go by Mx. T with my learners and Skye with my friends.” 

A slideshow running on the bottom of the bio page gives more context to Tooley’s idea of a good education. One slide shows a child making an “End Police Brutality” poster, while another declares solidarity with the LGBT agenda, saying “love has no gender.” 

A few moments spent on Tooley’s TikTok home page will expose the viewer to a cornucopia of transgender propaganda, gender ideology apologetics and a heavy dose of other leftist doctrine, all presented in the context of classroom-worthy lessons and activities. 

One video has her topless, revealing her bare chest as she discusses her breast removal surgery as part of her surgical transition to non-binary. Her page is not age-restricted, nor does it feature any warnings or disclaimers. 

Another video addresses her frustration with people who say her insistence on intimately describing her sex life and choices with her students is inappropriate. 

“I am over this narrative of ‘too young,’” she replies to a commenter who took her to task for broaching these subjects with elementary children. 

Tooley’s TikTok home page and her Milkshake profile (a list of links to other websites and resources) offer a glimpse into a mind obsessed with hard-left gender ideology, where all aspects of life are viewed through an ideological/psycho-sexual prism. It’s this worldview Tooley brags about bringing to her classroom. 

Yet another glimpse into Tooley’s world finds her openly admitting she is engaging in grooming behaviors with her students.  

She’s dancing behind a graphic that reads, “When TERFS (a transgender-exclusionary radical feminist) and conservatives blame ‘groomer’ teachers for kids wanting to be trans,” while above her head is a word balloon saying “It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem. It’s me.”  

As disquieting as it is to encounter a teacher brazenly indoctrinating students with scientifically inaccurate and morally repugnant views, it becomes even more distressing once Tooley’s target demographic is considered.  

Her educational milieu happens to be ages 10 and under – children clearly too young to fully understand the ideas being implanted in their developing minds by an authority figure speaking with certainty from a position of power. 

This imbalance of power is no accident, but rather an opportunity, as Tooley herself tells us in numerous videos, offering context to another portion of her bio statement: 

“Our classroom focuses on using research-based projects that incorporate the arts. In this way, we learn about current events, social justice, identity and how to collaborate and grow together as a community. Together we are learning and growing!” 

In Saturn Street Elementary School, Tooley appears to have found a home well-suited to her philosophical beliefs.  

On the California School Dashboard, a state website showing a school’s performance under California’s school accountability program, Saturn Street has consistently underperformed in all categories.  

The highest mark on the school’s report card came in English Language Arts, which is only 35 points below state standard. Not to be outdone, mathematics at Saturn Street boasts a 66-point deficit from state standards, and school attendance is marred by a stunning one in five students chronically absent. 

The performance outlook may seem bleak at Mx. Tooley’s school, but the school boasts high marks in one area called “Conditions & Climate” – the measure of how well schools provide a healthy, safe and welcoming environment for their students.  

The key data point affecting this rating is the number of students suspended during the school year.  

However, this standard is not an indicator of actual safety, as it’s unconcerned with the number of violent incidents that occur, or their severity. It’s merely an indicator of presumed safety, as it only recognizes suspensions, which are wholly in the discretion of the school itself. 

There may be rampant violence each and every school day, but if the school chooses not to suspend the student, the Conditions & Climate score remains pristine. 

Indeed, since the 2017 implementation of the California School Accountability program, Saturn Street Elementary hasn’t suspended a single student. Not one.  

In short, the only metric in which Mx. Tooley’s school excels is one easily manipulated by simply refusing to punish those whose behavior would ordinarily merit it. 

The rapid descent of American education can be witnessed in shorthand by spending a few minutes perusing Skye Tooley’s online presence. It’s safe to say, in the not-so-distant past, most parents wouldn’t permit the Skye Tooleys of this world anywhere near their children. 

Now, thanks to the obliteration of nearly every moral social standard we once respected, we employ such people to shepherd our children during their most vulnerable years. 

We pay handsomely with our wasted tax dollars, but we’ll pay far more dearly for decades to come with a generation miseducated, misguided and desperately maladjusted.