Is trans teacher with allegedly prosthetic body parts serious or trolling?

A trans teacher in Canada who sports over-sized, but allegedly real, Z cup breasts has been called a “troll” by a Canadian media group as the teacher’s claims become harder to believe.


A trans teacher in Canada who sports over-sized, but allegedly real, Z cup breasts has been called a “troll” by a Canadian media group as the teacher’s claims become harder to believe.

An anonymous former student claims the teacher, now known as Kayla Lemieux, was on the verge of being fired last year as a man for “toxic masculinity” and “not embracing woke culture,” Rebel News reports in a video posted online.

“He’s now upping the ante to exploit the very clown world the school and society itself has created,” said the student in a social post, adding that Lemieux’s goal is to get fired to set up a lawsuit.

“If this is an elaborate stunt against wokism in our schools, then perhaps Mr. Lemieux is more of a hero than a villain,” concluded Rebel News host David Menzies.

Indeed, 2020-2021 salary information from the school district unearthed by The Lion shows a “Kerry Lemieux.” And a 2013-2014 course outline shows a “K. Lemieux” as both the teacher and department head for Ancaster High School, according to the Canadian Education Ministry.

In an interview with the New York Post, Lemieux said she suffers from gigantomastia, a rare condition in biological women causing oversized breasts.

There are only 300 documented cases of gigantomastia, according to the Cleveland Clinic. 

When asked to prove her claim, Lemieux admitted to the Post that she wasn’t diagnosed with the disease but that she “believes” and her “doctor thinks” she has it.

When asked to prove her breasts weren’t prosthetics, Lemieux refused.

A man who looks suspiciously like Lemieux, without the gigantic breasts, was even photographed outside the trans woman’s apartment. Side by side photos show a remarkable resemblance between the two.

At least one neighbor also identified the man in the photo as Lemieux, said the Post.

“I can’t tell you who that is because I don’t want to bring anyone else into this. I don’t want that person being thrown all over the media, but it wasn’t me,” Lemieux told the newspaper.

Controversy over the teacher’s cartoonishly large breasts erupted in September. However, the school district previously refused to create a professional dress code for teachers that would prevent the outlandish spectacle, only banning student photographs of the breasts.

But suddenly, last week, the district said it was crafting a new dress code policy.

“Be it resolved that the director develop a professionalism policy which outlines the HDSB’s expectations of all staff members, including the requirement to maintain appropriate and professional standards of dress and decorum in the classroom,” read the motion passed unanimously by the district board members, according to the National Post.

Parents told the National Post they are tired of inaction by the school.

“Why didn’t they think about the kids, why didn’t they think about the community, why didn’t they think about education in September, when it passes unanimously in January?” asked parent Celina Close.

As a Toronto Star columnist noted, it’s silly that Canadian schools can impose dress codes on students for inappropriate attire, but not teachers.

Or, observers may wonder, that they can demand proof of vaccinations for COVID, but not proof of two X chromosomes from someone who for years present as a male teacher and now claims to be born a biological female – with suddenly outsized breasts and a doppelganger neighbor who happens to be a man.