LGBT org accused of ‘grooming’ for advising caller, identifying as 13-year-old trans youth, to turn against conservative parents

A journalist posing as a 13-year-old girl wanting to transition to male was offered a chest binder behind her parents’ back and even encouraged to replace her family with a “chosen family,”…

A journalist posing as a 13-year-old girl wanting to transition to male was offered a chest binder behind her parents’ back and even encouraged to replace her family with a “chosen family,” all over the phone. 

The person on the other end of the line was Susan Maasch, founder and executive director of Trans Youth Equality Foundation (TYEF). 

The call was initiated by an unnamed journalist with Libs of TikTok, which shared excerpts of the recorded conversation online. 

At first, Maasch asks routine questions, assuming the caller was a parent asking about “gender affirming care” for her child. 

“What state are you in?” Maasch asked. 

Tennessee, the journalist answered. 

 “Oh yes, far,” Maasch said. “So, you, your child would have to go out of state. Correct?” 

“Well, I’m actually the child. I’m 13,” the journalist stated.  

Maasch’s tone shifts. 

“Have you talked to your parents about going out of state to get care?” Maasch asked.  

The journalist informs Maasch her parents are conservative and aren’t supportive of her decision to transition or identify as a boy.  

“Sometimes kids decide by the time they’re 16-ish to get emancipated, as they say, to take out a little job and be on their own, which probably sounds terrible and hard, but it could happen,” Maasch said. “And it does for some. When they’re on their own and they’re emancipated they can make their own decisions about what medical treatment they want.”  

And when asked how to deal with transphobic parents, the TYEF asks if they’re “Trumpsters.”  

When confirmed, Maasch claims people who support Trump are brainwashed.  

 “Of course, and you know how a lot of people say there’s been studies about it: some of these people are really brainwashed,” Maasch claimed. “You know, it’s like brainwash techniques. You know they just will repeat anything that’s said and it’s a sad state of affairs.”  

But then Maasch suggests the caller lie to her parents, travel to a liberal state and find her “chosen family.”  

“They don’t have to know that’s why you’re going,” Maasch said. “Just like, you could be like, “I’m sure I want to go to Boston so bad. There’s so many colleges there. You know, you can make up reasons that you want to be in these other places. 

“Because, right, a lot of people leave their state. And you know you’ll find your – I’m sure you heard the expression, ‘chosen family.’ You’ll find your chosen family. You know that one day that will be like friends that accept you, become more like your family, you know?”  

The journalist then asks for help acquiring a chest binder, a specialized undergarment designed to flatten girls’ breasts. 

 “I’m just starting,” the journalist said. “Like I’ve been identifying with he/him pronouns for a while, but I’m 13, so, like you said, I have like five years till I can be on my own and make my own decisions. 

“But I would like to start off with a binder. So, are there any resources that you guys have for me to get a binder?”  

Maasch agrees to help the minor receiveone, but plots to ensure her parents are left in the dark.  

“Well, we do have binders so I could definitely send you some,” Maasch said. “I just would need to know where to send it, because sometimes, you’re really young, a parent sees a box come in, they’re like, you know, ‘What the heck is that? Why are you getting a box? What did you order?’ 

“And then they kind of take it away when they find out what it is. But some people mail it to a friend’s house. But then, are their parents going to be good about it? Or a relative’s house. But if you could think of a way that you would be able to get it, you know, we would definitely send you something.” 

According to TYEF’s official website, it “provides education, advocacy and support for transgender, nonbinary and gender non-conforming children and youth and their families.”  

In addition, TYEF offers K-12 school training workshops to educate teachers and staff how best to support “transgender and nonconforming students.”  

“We will address all of your concerns and discuss the unique needs of your school,” the website stated. “We have experience in educating school staff in how to best support transgender students.”  

“This is grooming 101,” Libs of TikTok wrote of the video. “Cut out the parents, isolate the child, and coax the kid into turning against their parents. How many kids has this organization already harmed?!”