Male students in dresses and a teacher in heels prompt families to leave sexual indoctrination in school

A public middle school in Pennsylvania encouraged male students to wear dresses to class during Pride Month, but students wearing U.S. and Blue Lives Matter pins were told to take them…

A public middle school in Pennsylvania encouraged male students to wear dresses to class during Pride Month, but students wearing U.S. and Blue Lives Matter pins were told to take them off. 

Meanwhile, as a male teacher taught in high heels, a parent says his son’s sheepskin boots were banned by the school for being too much like slippers. 

It all happened at G.A. Stetson Middle School in West Chester, Pennsylvania, according to the Delaware Valley Journal. 

“At Stetson, there is no freedom of speech but freedom of ‘woke’ speech,” said Jim Jacobs, who says he and his brother are transferring their children to a local Catholic school to escape the “cultural indoctrination” they feel is not in their kids’ best interest. “The tolerance promoted by Diversity/Equity/Inclusion is not practiced towards those who have disagreements with or dare to question the ‘woke’ agenda. 

“This is unbelievable, crazy stuff, it’s not enough to be gay. You have to be flamboyantly gay.”  

Jacobs also described a book report his 12-year-old niece was assigned this semester that restricted her to choosing only a Black or transgendered person as the subject. 

School spirit activities are also said to be freighted with sexual-identity messaging. 

“My brother is flipping out,” Jacobs said. “They had his daughter wearing all this make-up and posing with another girl because that’s what they’re encouraging.” 

Assistant Principal James DeWitt verified the reports from Jacobs’ son and niece, telling him that boys dressing as girls and a male teacher wearing high heels is perfectly acceptable and not in violation of the dress code. 

DeWitt also told Jacobs the teacher has worn high heels on multiple occasions, and that if the teacher is comfortable wearing them, then the school supports him. 

“Our schools have been completely derailed by woke people who call themselves ‘educators,’” Elana Fishbein, an area resident and founder of No Left Turn in Education, told the Delaware Valley Journal. “These woke mobsters hijacked the schools and are suffocating and sexualizing our children with their perverted ideology. 

“For them, furthering an ideology is their mission, not imparting knowledge and skill building. And while religion was chased out of school halls long ago, this ideology has become, ironically, not only a new religion but a cult. Today, they are the true schoolyard bullies.” 

A review of the WCASD website appears to confirm Fishbein’s appraisal. Besides an outsized emphasis on LGBTQ issues, the district’s curriculum focuses on a great many politically charged subjects, the treatment of which uniformly counter traditional viewpoints. 

The 7th- and 8th-grade emphasis is on American history. In seventh grade, students learn about early human migration to North America, a chronological deep dive into indigenous peoples, culminating in a study of the forming of the United States. 

From there, the 8th-grade lessons approach the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries in the United States with a distinctly hypercritical slant.  

Says the “Equity Mission” section of the district website:  

“In 8th grade, the course begins with the formation of the United States, taking an in-depth and critical look at our founding documents, including the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  The course continues to explore our country’s history chronologically and concludes with the Progressive Era (early 1900s).” 

Given the treatment of subjects in earlier grade years, notably 5th and 6th grades, where the holiday of Thanksgiving is presented instead as a “National Day of Mourning” in accordance with the definition provided by the “United American Indians of New England,” a Native American political action organization, the overarching tone of the curriculum appears to be indicative of a countercultural bias informed by ascendant woke ideologies. 

The departure of two families will scarcely be felt in a system serving tens of thousands. But the families’ reasons for leaving, and their willingness to discuss them, may encourage other families to follow, a growing trend across the nation.