Missouri trans clinic whistleblower has a message for the left

(The Daily Signal) – Jamie Reed, the former clinician who blew the whistle last year on a gender clinic in St. Louis, tells “The Daily Signal Podcast” that there are more whistleblowers out…

(The Daily Signal) – Jamie Reed, the former clinician who blew the whistle last year on a gender clinic in St. Louis, tells “The Daily Signal Podcast” that there are more whistleblowers out there, and she raises the alarm about the “totalitarian” mentality of large LGBTQ organizations that seek to silence those who disagree with them.

She also warns leaders on the Left that most Americans oppose rushing kids to medical “treatments” that will likely harm them.

“We were seeing systematic harms,” Reed says of the experimental medical interventions the clinic performed on children. However, “we were never stopping treatments.”

“In medicine, there should be this built-in ‘We did X, patient is worse, we need to consider stopping X,’” the whistleblower says. She recalls the story of a 19-year-old patient who had a double mastectomy. “Within three months, she called us back, begging for her breasts to be put back on.”

The whistleblower insists that “the best way to treat” what she called “gender distress” in children is “to figure out the underlying reasons for that gender distress.” In many cases, it traces back to “early sexual abuse, early sexual trauma, trauma in their family,” which should be resolved in therapy, not through medical interventions.

Yet, the medical industry continues to push experimental transgender medical interventions for children, even though doctors have warned that minors cannot consent to interventions with lifelong consequences, such as potential sterilization.

Reed says she is in contact with more clinic workers who will likely blow the whistle on substandard care.

“I know there are other whistleblowers. I know because I talk to some of them,” she says.

“I have actually been working really closely with an amazing group of adult lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people who are all opposed to pediatric medical transitions,” Reed adds. “We’ve put together an LGBT Courage Coalition.”

She says it’s hard for whistleblowers to come forward, so she aims to “give them a place to reach out, a soft landing, a group of us who are willing to walk them through their own process” to go public—or not—in their own time.

“I think the public should know that I am not the only one,” Reed adds.

The whistleblower first published her story in The Free Press, a new independent outlet founded by former New York Times editor Bari Weiss. Weiss herself is married to another woman.

“We really have seen, basically, an erosion of the press in the United States, and the press on this issue has really been beholden to—they’ve been bullied by historic LGBT organizations,” Reed notes. “The New York Times writes a piece, and, you know, the GLAAD truck shows up calling them transphobes.”

“We need journalists to go back to what journalism is supposed to be, which is seeking out the truth, no matter how hard and who that offends,” the whistleblower adds.

Reed, who herself identifies as LGBT (without the “Q”), also describes herself as “progressive” and “married to a trans man.”

When asked what she would say to the big LGBTQ organizations, such as the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, and the allied Southern Poverty Law Center that push transgender “treatments” on children, Reed—who herself identifies as LGBT—had a stern response.

“Simply put, they have gotten this wrong,” she says. “The science is incorrect, and these treatments are, at their core, harming young gay and lesbian people.”

Reed also warns that these groups have helped “institutionalize bullying.”

“So much of this started out that we just wanted to be kind and to fight bullies,” she explains. “Instead, they themselves have become organizations that bully those who don’t agree with every single thing they say into silence.

“That is not any sort of community I want to live in,” Reed adds. “I don’t want to claim to be in a community of the LGBT, and you all have to think the same, and free speech has been eroded and taken away.”

Her criticism grows even harsher: “I did not sign up to be in a totalitarian anything, and that’s how they’ve been behaving.”

Reed also urges leaders in the Democratic Party to reconsider their position on these issues.

“The Democrats are also with us on this,” she says, referring not to the party leaders, but to “the grassroots, the people. When you explain what’s going on, they’re not in support of sterilizing children.”

“It’s not a partisan issue,” Reed insists. “This is basics. Science, the rights of women, and the rights of gay and lesbian people to grow up with whole, intact bodies.”