Mother raises alarm as her daughter’s convicted rapist returns to Maryland Public Schools

A convicted rapist was quietly enrolled in a Maryland public school, the victim’s mother warns other parents in the area.

According to court documents, the 15-year-old boy was convicted of…

A convicted rapist was quietly enrolled in a Maryland public school, the victim’s mother warns other parents in the area.

According to court documents, the 15-year-old boy was convicted of sexually abusing his three-year-old relative in May of 2023. On Dec. 27, the 15-year-old entered a plea to second-degree rape, a charge that does involve intercourse.

The convicted rapist was given 50 hours of community service and mandated counseling for “sex offense specific treatment.” As part of the ruling, he was ordered to have “no unsupervised contact with children under 15.”

“This juvenile offender is allowed to continue to live his life completely normal,” the mother said according to Fox 23. “The court pretty much gave him a slap on the wrist. There was no justice for my child.”

By last month, the mother claims her daughter’s rapist was attending a Baltimore City Public School, unbeknownst to many students and parents.

“There are students every day at Patterson High School that are sitting in class with a convicted rapist, and they don’t know?” a Baltimore Project reporter asked.

“Yes,” the mother said. “They don’t have a clue.”

The mother questions how a convicted rapist can attend Patterson High School, one of the largest high schools in the area. Patterson High school has nearly 1,300 students, many of whom are under 15 years old.  

“Teachers can’t be everywhere,” the mother told Fox 23. “Parents need to know in order to protect their children.” 

Under state law, a juvenile sex offender who is not on the registry can’t be banned from attending school in person, and the school district is not legally allowed to alert the students or parents.  

“I would have to say the state is protecting the rapist,” the mother went on to say. “I know if it was my child in a school with a convicted rapist, I would want to know, because my daughter could be walking down the hall with him and not even know what he’s capable of. So, who’s protecting them?” 

The mother believes the 15-year-old should be given alternative schooling options in place of in-person learning.  

“I feel like he needs to be taken out of the school system and other means need to be given to him for schooling, whether it be home school, whether it be virtual school, in order to protect the general population of that school.” 

Project Baltimore asked the school district if the student will remain at Patterson, or if other options such as online learning are being considered. 

In a statement, the school system said: 

“Baltimore City Public Schools vigorously works to protect the health and safety of its students and staff. Yet there are legal requirements that we must follow. Under federal and state law, we cannot publicly discuss personal, disciplinary, or school assignment matters involving individual students. In addition, legal proceedings involving juveniles are sealed, and there are penalties for disclosing any information regarding those proceedings. 

“While we are legally prohibited from providing any specific details, we can share, more generally, that Maryland law requires City Schools to provide an education to all students legally enrolled in our school system, including students found responsible for juvenile criminal offenses. In such circumstances, school systems can only remove a student from their school placement if they follow specific legal protocols and there is specific evidence of an imminent threat of serious harm to the health and safety of other students and staff. 

“When making this determination, we review all available documents and work closely with the proper authorities to ensure we are meeting the appropriate standards.”