NBA’s Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac launches new faith-based clothing line

Pro basketball star Jonathan Isaac has introduced a new clothing brand that carries a message of faith in Christ to the NBA community.

The Orlando Magic forward launched the “UNITUS” leisure…

Pro basketball star Jonathan Isaac has introduced a new clothing brand that carries a message of faith in Christ to the NBA community.

The Orlando Magic forward launched the “UNITUS” leisure and sportswear brand earlier this month in a live-streamed event featuring a fashion show, a performance by Christian artist Tauren Wells, and a one-on-one interview with YouTube and DailyWire personality Brett Cooper.  

“I’m just so excited, I really am. I do see this as something that is bigger than me, bigger than all of us,” Isaac said during the interview, “and so for that I have to give glory and honor to Jesus Christ for who I am today and how this journey of following Him has blossomed into what we see today.” 

The UNITUS motto is “True Greatness,” a simple mantra modeled after Christ’s instruction to His disciples regarding humility and servanthood. 

“We know that true greatness is found in none other than Jesus Christ,” Isaac said during the launch event. “That is what makes us truly great. And so, we can step into the world as we are with boldness and confidence and say, ‘I am truly great. I don’t need to measure myself by worldly standards.’”  

The UNITUS logo is also a nod to the Ark of the Covenant that God’s people carried through the wilderness. The logo will be featured on Isaac’s new “Judah I” shoe this season, which features five different color profiles, each attached to a Bible verse. The colorways are named after biblical concepts such as Exodus, Triumph, and Ruah (the Hebrew word for spirit). 

“UNITUS brings people together around stylish, high-quality apparel that champions faith, family, and freedom. Together, we’re redefining greatness,” reads the About page for the UNITUS site. 

Isaac is well-acquainted with taking a stance, an aspect of his life he candidly discusses in Why I Stand, a best-selling book published by the NBA star last year. Isaac was the lone player to stand for the national anthem during the NBA’s COVID-induced “bubble” amid leaguewide support for Black Lives Matter. Isaac said of his decision to stand that black lives do matter, but that God is the only answer to the world’s pain and division. 

Issac wrote Why I Stand during his recovery from an ACL injury that cost him nearly two years of his career. After 904 days of rehab, he made his return to the court on Jan. 30. Unfortunately, the return was short-lived, as the 25-year-old suffered a torn adductor muscle to end his season. 

Despite the challenges of the recovery process, the spiritual growth and testimony that emerged from it have elevated Isaac to a newfound platform. Isaac shared in a podcast with Sports Spectrum last July that he hopes the testimony he shares in the book brings many to Christ. 

“God came and found me. Why? Because He loves me, and He desires to be in a relationship with me, to make me better. So, I want people to gravitate towards finding out what a relationship with Christ is like and really diving into it.” 

After signing a four-year, $80 million contract with the Magic in 2020, Isaac wrote on His Instagram: 

“No cliche or pretense, I give all the glory to me being in this position to Christ. He’s been so good to me in spite of me. Those who know me know I am who I am because of Him. Honoring Jesus has been and will always be worth It. Beyond any check or promotion, knowing Him and living for Him has been the best decision of my life. He’s made me better in every way money cannot buy.” 

After all the injury battles, Isaac is expected to be fully healthy when the new season begins Oct. 17. No matter what happens this season, Isaac will continue to glorify God through his testimony.