NYC lawsuit alleges antisemitic harassment, bullying and woke indoctrination in public school

A public school teacher and a campus administrator have filed a federal lawsuit against the City of New York, the New York City Department of Education, a public high school and several individuals,…

A public school teacher and a campus administrator have filed a federal lawsuit against the City of New York, the New York City Department of Education, a public high school and several individuals, over alleged antisemitic harassment and retaliation.

Danielle Kaminsky and Michael Beaudry filed the suit in district court last week. The two worked at Origins High School, where dozens of students reportedly marched through the halls with a Palestinian flag, chanting “Death to Israel” and “Kill the Jews.”

The lawsuit alleges the city and other defendants failed “to address persistent antisemitism” against district staff, leading to a hostile workplace.

Kaminsky claimed students routinely drew swastikas next to their names on classwork, engraved the Nazi symbol on their desks and scribbled them on bulletin boards.  

In November, one student posted a message on an electronic platform used for classwork directed at Kaminsky which said “f**k u” and “ima bomb this school,” according to the lawsuit.  

In January, things reportedly continued to escalate when a student was caught attempting to bring an explosive onto school grounds. When Beaudry confronted the student, she said she “forgot” it was in her jacket pocket.  

On Feb. 28, 2024, defendant Dara Kammerman, the interim assistant principal, allowed four students to address a school assembly and promote a protest happening at a nearby college.  

“Shockingly, the protest called for people to ‘Honor the Martyrs,’ referring to the Hamas terrorists who brutely raped, murdered, and incinerated Jewish people on October 7, 2023,” the lawsuit states. 

After the assembly one student reportedly “taunted” Kaminsky by handing her a flyer, and another left one on her desk with the words, “f**k Israel [Nword]” scribbled on it.  

The following month, Kaminsky and another Jewish teacher received a death threat email entitled “filthy Jew Kaminsky.”  

“All Jews need to be exterminated,” the email reportedly said. “Their doors kicked in in the middle of the night. A bullet put in each of their heads. Through all history, the kikes are purveyors of mass death and suffering. 

“They will never stop until they are stopped. Kaminsky the foul whiny Jew has no place in America let alone a school system. Here’s hoping the Muslim students put an end to her, and that it’s both terrifying and very painful. Jews deserve no sympathy. They are the enemy of all mankind and there is no reconciling that.” 

Later that month, a student wrote the word “Die” on Kaminsky’s laptop, the suit says. 

As the situation escalated, Beaudry urged the DOE to take action. After demanding action, the lawsuit alleges the defendants retaliated against him.  

“Specifically, Beaudry received three notices for ‘disciplinary conferences,’ all scheduled for January 2024,” the lawsuit says. “In each instance, Beaudry was accused of NOT having reported student incidents that he had, in fact, reported.”  

In March, the defendants allegedly forced Beaudry off campus without notice, directing him to work from home until the investigations were concluded.  

New York City Council member Inna Vernikov is calling for accountability within the school district.  

“Antisemitic harassment, bullying and woke indoctrination have become the norm across our public school system,” Vernikov told Fox News. “Swastikas, death threats and Hitler glorification are all a result of a failure to properly educate our youth, and we must assign consequences to bad actors. 

“Statements are welcomed, but action is required. Instead, complainants are consistently ignored or met with indifference.” 

The plaintiffs are asking for “compensatory damages for mental, emotion and physical injury, distress, pain and suffering and injury to reputation.”