‘Pedophilia took a win’ in Wisconsin school board approval Monday of gender-bending sex ed lessons as young as kindergarten, activist says

A Wisconsin school board Monday approved a sex education curriculum that expects kindergartners to begin exploring gender issues and to know such terms as penis, vulva and anus.

Second graders will…

A Wisconsin school board Monday approved a sex education curriculum that expects kindergartners to begin exploring gender issues and to know such terms as penis, vulva and anus.

Second graders will learn that gender stereotypes in clothing, jobs and activities can be disregarded – that it’s fine for boys to play with dolls, for example. Third graders will be told about transgenderism and that, “You might feel like you’re a girl even if you have body parts that some people might tell you are ‘boy’ parts. And you might not feel like you’re a boy or a girl, but you’re a little bit of both.” 

Sixth graders in Wauwatosa schools will now be taught about “a range of identities related to sexual orientation (e.g., heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, twospirit, asexual, pansexual)” and “vaginal, oral, anal sex and other forms of sexual activity (masturbation).” 

The school board in the Milwaukee-area city of 48,000 voted 6-1 Monday night to approve its new human growth and development curriculum, despite fierce parental opposition and warnings from doctors that those students are too young to be taught such things. 

“There is no doubt in my mind that future generations will observe the damage that occurred when this teaching method is used, which they will find harmful and regrettable,” one adult told the board, according to FOX6 in Milwaukee. 

“Pedophilia took a win last night,” Alexandra Schweitzer, president of the Wisconsin chapter of No Left Turn in Education, told the Lion. “Pedophilia is illegal not only in each local municipality, but in the county, in the state, in the federal government, pedophilia is illegal. And what they are doing is pedophilia.” 

Wisconsin law does require that sex education curricula “justify abstinence as the safest, most effective method of protection from disease and pregnancy.” But the Wauwatosa curriculum’s other lessons would seem to overwhelm that message, and a mere mention of abstinence is small consolation for parents who believe the district’s teaching has crossed the line of age-inappropriateness and even indoctrination. 

Third graders, for example, will learn about gender pronouns and be taught that sexual orientation and gender identity are different – and differences exist between sex assigned at birth and one’s gender. They also will learn that girls are “students who do or will menstruate.” 

One book reportedly to be used in lesson plans is “It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity.” The book is about a girl named Alex, who is “both a boy and a girl.”  

“This is available for fourth graders,” Schweitzer said. “And in this book, it explains to you that the people that are in the room when you are born, they mislabel you. Because only you can assign your gender.”    

The book contains such lines as, “Your gender identity might match what people thought you were when you were born, or it might not,” and “when Alex was born, everyone thought Alex was a girl, but Alex is both boy and girl. This is Alex’s gender identity.”  

“Fourth graders are 8- and 9-years-old,” Schweitzer said. “They should be worried about who stole my Barbie on the playground, or why didn’t I get a chance at kickball? Not, am I allowed to call Angela ‘her’ or can I call John ‘him’?” 

Among other things, the curriculum says kindergarteners will be expected to be able to “name at least 3 types of family structures.” 

Schweitzer says the overall theme of the curriculum is that one’s organs “are there for pleasure and sex, and your gender identity is in your rainbow-colored brain.” 

Barriers were placed in the school board room to limit attendance Monday night, Schweitzer reports, and the public was told to listen to the meeting in another room downstairs where an audio feed sporadically failed to work properly. She said a panel of experts who presented findings in favor of the curriculum was not peppered with any dissent, even though at least one parent from the panel who is opposed to the curriculum asked to speak and was told he could not. 

During public comments, Schweitzer said, the audience was openly hostile to any speakers opposed to the sex ed curriculum. 

“There was a Catholic priest that was booed. There were doctors and psychologists and parents that stood up, and they were all booed and shouted down,” she said – adding that various board members appeared uninterested in speakers’ comments opposing the curriculum, appearing to busy themselves on cell phones.  

“They weren’t even listening to the other side.” 

Schweitzer said there will be a meeting of concerned parents in a few days to discuss next steps. 

“They are grooming our children,” Schweitzer says, noting that schools increasingly are “teaching first graders and second graders ‘proper’ use of pronouns when they don’t even know what a noun is.” 

Wisconsin law allows parents to opt out of sex education lessons, but Schweitzer said they should have to opt in instead. 

“Bureaucrats shouldn’t be telling us when it’s time to sexually educate our children. Bureaucrats need to stay out of it,” she said.