‘Perversion of the radical left.’ Depravity displayed at recent Pride parades called out by Missouri lawmaker

“We’re here, we’re queer we’re coming for your CHILDREN,” shouted marchers in a New York Pride parade.

This was just one such example of the “perversion of the radical left,”…

“We’re here, we’re queer we’re coming for your CHILDREN,” shouted marchers in a New York Pride parade.

This was just one such example of the “perversion of the radical left,” according to Republican Rep. Doug Richey, who represents Missouri’s House district 39.

Richey cited three different pro-LGBT events in a Facebook post, condemning them for their perversity and for involving children. The lawmaker did not post videos, he said, due to the graphic nature of the material.

At the Seattle Pride parade, fully-naked adults rode bikes, allegedly exposing their genitals those present, including children.

“The perversion of the radical left is obvious. No one gets to plead ignorance. They parade their ‘pride’ in stripping all that is decent from society,” said Richey about the photo. “You can go with Biden and have your debauched pride; I’ll unapologetically fight for that which is good, decent, commendable, and healthy for MO families.”

In Minneapolis, a man in his underwear was allegedly twerking and gyrating in front of numerous children and families for ‘body positivity’ during the Pride parade.  

“There are those among us that actually defend this wickedness and they’re dangerous,” said Richey of the incident. “This man takes pride in his perverse appetite to twerk, in underwear alone, before children and parade watchers.” 

The representative says exposure to such acts is robbing children of their “innocence.”  

In New York city, marchers in a Pride parade allegedly chanted, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your CHILDREN.” 

Monday, the phrase “we’re coming for your children” was trending on Twitter.  

“And they tell us there’s nothing to worry about,” Richey commented about liberal attempts to deflect conservative criticism that LGBT groups are trying to indoctrinate and sexualize kids.   

Earlier in the month, the West Hollywood pride parade was criticized for a video that appeared on Twitter showing two men engaged in sexual acts, as an official parade activity.  

Including bondage. 

Such events are often billed as “family friendly.” 

“Two men performed a sex act in public as BDSM flags were displayed during the ‘family friendly’ West Hollywood Pride Parade yesterday,” said Reduxx Magazine, which posted the video.  

Fox News also called out the Dallas pride event which featured the controversial group, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and graphic fan art featuring Disney characters that were sexualized. 

The Fox story features video from The Blaze’s Sara Gonzales, via Twitter, which shows phallic and other sexual material featured at the event. 

“Does this look family-friendly to you?” asked Gonzales about the event sponsored by the City of Dallas.  

The pride events this year take place under a backdrop of conservative resistance, after years of cautious conservative acquiescence to the LGBT lobby.  

But conservatives around the world are beginning to speak out.  

“Again, we should never apologize for fighting against this twisted perversion, while we celebrate that which is good, decent, commendable, and healthy,” said Richey. 

“May God, in His grace, help us,” he added.