Pornographic materials found at Defense Department-funded school libraries

An explosive news report claims Pentagon-supported school libraries contain dozens of books that promote radical gender ideology and explicit pornographic imagery. 

Libraries in military middle…

An explosive news report claims Pentagon-supported school libraries contain dozens of books that promote radical gender ideology and explicit pornographic imagery. 

Libraries in military middle schools were found to contain books depicting 6-year-olds engaging in oral sex, children becoming drag queens, passages about masturbation and references to anal sex, according to the report.

Most of the materials have been added since Joe Biden took office less than two years ago, according to the report from Fox News.

Since before his election, Biden claimed his administration would be the most diverse, most progressive administration in U.S. history. To that end, critics say he’s pushed controversial ideologies into nearly every facet of the government, including the Department of Defense, and even into the K-12 schools it supports.

Through the course of its investigation, Fox News claims to have audited over 50 randomly selected schools run by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), which provides education services to over 66,000 military-connected children in the Americas, Europe and the Pacific.

The investigation also found several DoDEA libraries had set aside entire sections for “banned” books with titles such as This Book is Gay, a controversial book that arguably promotes orgies and sex apps for kids.

“Saunas, or ‘bath houses,’ are dotted all over the country, and they are perfectly legal. People (many saunas run lesbian nights) pay some money to enter and then have a bit of a sauna and some random sex. Again, this is fine as long as you’re safe,” the book proclaims.

Some of the books readily accessible in DoDEA high school libraries include titles such as, All Boys Aren’t Blue; Sex: A Book for Teens; The Big Questions Book of Sex & Consent; and Gender Queer.

These books are variously known to include graphic sexual imagery, detailed instructions on masturbation, anal sex and other sex acts, as well as recording sexual activities and even sending nude pictures.

All Boys Aren’t Blue is billed as a “manifesto” for teenagers by author George Johnson, and was published in April 2020, just a few months before Biden was elected. One of the book’s more explicit passages details an experience of anal sex.

 Sex: A Book for Teens is touted as an “Uncensored Guide” by author Nikol Hasler and dedicates an entire chapter to “kinks, sexual fantasies and fetishes.”

The book also contains a section on anatomy that is replete with explicit images of male and female genitals, and discusses breast reductions and augmentations, often referred as “top surgery” by transgender activists who promote such procedures for “transitioning” adolescents and young adults.

The Big Questions Book of Sex & Consent by Donna Freitas, published in Dec. 2020, seeks to create a “sexually liberated UTOPIA” for children in which limitless sex is to be celebrated.

“The world I describe is one of great complexity, and in its complexity there is beauty,” the book reads. “This book strives to prepare you, the reader, to be a person who can make a utopia less of a theory and more of a reality. It aims to give you the tools to help create this world – to figure out what creating it might involve. It’s a world that values play, playfulness, and fun in relation to sex and sexual intimacy, a world that celebrates pleasure and the giving of pleasure, the joys of flirtation, the excitement of romance and sex.”

Books available for DoDEA middle school students as young as 13 include controversial books Trans Teen Survival Guide, which provides information about changing one’s gender by using controversial hormone treatments and irreversible surgeries; Aristotle and Dante, in which sex is a dominant theme; Middle School’s a Drag, glorifying young drag performances; and Flamer, depicting graphic sexual images.

Even elementary libraries were found to give access to controversial books.

Answers in the Pages by David Levithan, published in May, describes how a child named Donovan opposes his parents’ attempts to remove an inappropriate book from his school curriculum. “Together with his classmates, Donovan helps stand up for the book and the right for young people to be able to read what they want,” a DoDEA book description reads. 

Too Bright to See, by Kyle Kukoff, is about a child who discovers gender identity when visiting a haunted house, and includes the claim that anyone who does not believe “trans women are women” are “transphobic.”

“Trans people really are the genders they identify with … arguments saying otherwise are transphobic, pure and simple,” the book reads.

Julian at the Wedding by author Jessica Love is the second in a series about gender nonconformity. The book depicts Julian, a biological male, dressing in flamboyant women’s clothing including purple heels, a boa and a flower headdress.

Neither the DoDEA nor the Pentagon immediately responded to requests for comment, Fox News reports.