Report: Bill Gates funds radical education ‘equity’ group with direct contact to Biden admin

Documents obtained by Fox News show billionaire Bill Gates has funded tens of millions of dollars to a radical education ‘equity’ group with direct ties to the Biden administration.

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Documents obtained by Fox News show billionaire Bill Gates has funded tens of millions of dollars to a radical education ‘equity’ group with direct ties to the Biden administration.

The term ‘equity’ in education includes practices like racial profiling to exclude Asian-Americans from schools in favor of black students, grading systems that grade on a curve based on socio-economic class and race, and other practices critics call anti-American.

The Gates-funded group, called The Education Trust, maintains direct ties to both the White House and radical progressives such as George Soros, said Fox, at the same time they are working on secretive plans to “reform” education with “equity” policies pushed from D.C.

“It should concern all Americans when outside organizations create a roadmap to subvert the legislative process, encouraging significant policy changes to be enacted through executive fiat,” Parents Defending Education President Nicole Neilly told Fox News Digital. “To do so deliberately undermines the checks and balances established by the founders – and it is one of the many reasons that the administrative state must be brought to heel.”

It’s just one part of a many-faceted program by Gates to wield outsized influence on a variety of issues, such as global health mandates, food production and agriculture, as well as education, with a 1,700 member non-profit staff with influence at all levels of government, said Forbes. 

Previously, Gates’ education efforts were most famous for producing the Common Core standards, with similar support by then-President Barack Obama, as Gates is now allegedly getting from the Biden administration, the AP reports

Emails produced by Fox show Education Trust’s director of government affairs, Reid Setzer, pushing for equity-based concepts such as removing school resource officers (SROs), more commonly known as police, from schools. 

One email included a report that charged the “presence of police in schools clearly has a disparate impact based on race.” 

While the Trust claims to be nonpartisan, it’s mission is to advance “policies and practices to dismantle the racial and economic barriers embedded in the American education system,” according to its website. 

It aligns very closely with Critical Race Theory’s mission of dismantling systemic racism.  

The Trust’s front page features a picket sign that says, “I Teach Black Students And Can Not Be Silent.”  

It also features an article titled, “How School Discipline Impacts Social, Emotional and Academic Development.” 

The front page of the website includes a number of other progressive wish-list policies, from battling climate change starting in K-12 education, to getting illegal aliens driving licenses.  

The Trust’s president and CEO, Denise Forte, a former Obama administration education official, recently excoriated the parental rights in education movement. 

In an op-ed, she called parental rights bills “divisive, racially motivated tactics to pit parents against teachers in a not-so-subtle effort to delegitimatize and defund public schools, and in the process, win elections,” while she twice bemoaned the exclusion of CRT from schools. 

Fox said the same group has “prepared legal policy memos for at least 10 federal departments and agencies and 10 administrative law primers as of 2021, according to an internal slideshow from the group,” while helping to overturn 20 Trump-era deregulations in education and other areas.