Seattle school clinics to offer free sex-change treatments to kids as young as 11

Two Seattle public schools are offering children as young as 11 free “gender affirming care,” while instructing staff to hide the gender dysphoria from parents.

Alex Nester, an investigative…

Two Seattle public schools are offering children as young as 11 free “gender affirming care,” while instructing staff to hide the gender dysphoria from parents.

Alex Nester, an investigative fellow for Parents Defending Education (PDE), said the combination of the two policies of excluding parents in gender dysphoria cases and offering free transition assistance for children is worrying.

“Schools aren’t parents, and they aren’t doctor offices,” Nestor told the Daily Mail. “The combination of the district’s parental exclusion policies, and its provision of dubious medical interventions to change a child’s sex, creates a really troubling situation for Seattle families.”

Indeed, the two policies will allow a child under the age of 18 the ability to commence a sex change, paid for by Seattle Public Schools, without a parent even knowing.

Meany Middle School and Nova High School in Seattle are both offering the free treatment through their medical clinics, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

According to Seattle Public Schools’ official policy, enacted in July 2020, “staff should not disclose a student’s transgender or gender X status to others unless (1) legally required to do so or (2) the student has authorized disclosure.” 

The gender dysphoria treatment plan was first revealed by PDE, which obtained documents about the treatments.  

“It’s bad enough that medical professionals are prescribing cross-sex hormones and cutting off breasts and genitals of minors,” Erika Sanzi, PDE’s director of outreach told the Daily Mail. “It is a whole new level of awful and terrifying for schools to be involved.”  

The treatments will be offered by Country Doctor Community Health (CDCH), as a part of a package of services it offers Seattle Public Schools, said PDE.  

CDCH said it will offer “no cost comprehensive, trauma-informed, and gender affirming care, conveniently at the school.” The center is “staffed full time by a clinic administrator, medical providers, and a behavior health specialist,” according to document obtained by PDE.  

CDCH’s list of treatments include “gender-affirming medications (estrogen, androgen blockers, testosterone, etc.) and injection techniques,” “hormone therapy for adolescents and specialty referrals for younger patients as needed,” and “referrals for gender-affirming surgeries.” 

But PDE reported that the health service also said that they don’t offer puberty blockers for adolescents “at this time.” 

But once puberty happens, kids can be referred to CDCH for hormones.  

In the absence of puberty, Seattle Public Schools also refers kids to Cedar River Clinics for “feminizing” and “masculinizing” hormone therapies, according to its website.   

Cedar River Clinics describes itself as “independent feminist clinics in Renton, Seattle, Tacoma, and Yakima.” 

As Cedar River Clinics admits on its website, hormone therapy is not without risks, including the risk of death.  

Some of the risks cited by the clinic include “high blood pressure, liver problems, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and gall stones. Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism are very serious and potentially fatal conditions involving blood clots.”  

Other risks include stroke, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.