University athletics director claims there’s no ‘competitive’ difference between men and women

(Daily Caller) – The San Francisco State University athletics director claimed there is no “competitive” difference between men and women following the alleged assault of University of Kentucky swimmer Riley… Read More

April 11, 2023
Majority of Americans believe transgender athletes have harmed women’s sports

(Daily Caller) – Approximately 60% of American voters believe that allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports has had a harmful impact, according to a poll by and… Read More

March 8, 2023
Christian Schools, Public Education
Kansas legislature considers bill to modify sports competition between public and private schools

(The Sentinel) – Last year, the Kansas State High School Athletics Association — which governs all high school sports in Kansas — adopted new rules intended to level competition between… Read More

January 31, 2023
Public Education
Missouri bill would ban transgender athletes in youth sports

(The Heartlander) – A bill before the General Assembly would prevent transgender athletes from competing in girls’ sports in Missouri. SB 87, also known as the “Save Women’s Sports… Read More

January 13, 2023
Female athletes demand NCAA protect women’s sports outside annual convention

(Daily Caller) – Female athletes, alumni and supporters delivered a petition to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Thursday demanding that the governing body take deliberate action to prohibit men… Read More

January 13, 2023
Judge: WV’s law restricting transgender athletes constitutional

(The Center Square) – A federal judge paved the way for West Virginia’s law barring transgender girls from participating on female sports teams to be enforced, ruling the legislature’s… Read More

January 9, 2023
Christian Schools
Christian school association joins lawsuit to oppose Biden administration mandate allowing transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports

The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) has joined 20 attorneys general in a lawsuit against the Biden Administration mandate that interprets Title… Read More

October 14, 2021