Public Education
Utah school district removes Bible from elementary and middle schools following complaint

A Utah school district is removing the Bible from elementary and middle school libraries after receiving a complaint from a parent about its contents.  It follows the passage of a… Read More

June 5, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Loudoun County teacher banned from putting Bible verse in email signature

A Loudoun County Public Schools teacher was banned from including a Bible verse in her email signature in what one legal group calls a First Amendment violation. The… Read More

April 20, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Utah school district considers banning Bible after parent appears to complain it is pornographic

(Daily Caller) – A Utah parent appears to have complained to a school district that the Bible is pornographic and suggested it be banned from school libraries. According to the … Read More

March 27, 2023
Culture, Homeschools
Hundreds of homeschool moms enjoy R & R at KC-area ‘Encouragement Day’

Homeschool moms took a day away from home to meet and support one another at a Kansas City church on Saturday. Organizers of the Women’s Encouragement… Read More

February 6, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Loudoun County parent’s use of Bible verse at board meeting sparks a ‘hate speech’ petition

After a Loudoun County parent paraphrased a passage from the Bible during a school board meeting, another resident responded with a petition to ban “hate speech.” At a… Read More

January 3, 2023
Public Education
Second grade teacher in Virginia sparks movement to get fresh Bibles in schools

How did an elementary teacher plant the seeds of a worldwide movement to introduce new Bibles in school libraries? Hannah Sailsbury was teaching second grade in Virginia in… Read More

January 17, 2022