Public Education
With decree to bus drivers, school district puts the ‘Scrooge’ in Christmas spirit

(The Daily Signal) – A local school district in Pennsylvania acted to forbid school bus drivers from putting up Christmas decorations. On Friday, just over a week before Christmas, the… Read More

December 22, 2023
‘Behold the Infant Christ’: The Incarnation reminds us why we learn

The Christmas season is a time to celebrate the Incarnation, God taking on flesh in Jesus. It is our annual reminder of the Christ-child coming down in the most vulnerable… Read More

December 22, 2023
Do the times try your soul? Both the condition and the cure can be found here

When the American revolutionary Thomas Paine penned the ageless words “These are the times that try men’s souls,” he also wrote the following phrase in reference to the Almighty, a fateful… Read More

December 18, 2023
Wisconsin city backtracks from viral memo banning Christmas decorations in public spaces

City leaders in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin are walking back a viral memo asking employees not to put Christmas decorations in public spaces after legal pushback. Melissa Cantarero Weiss, deputy city administrator… Read More

November 16, 2023
‘Religion is poison,’ ‘Death to Christmas’: Kansas City Council candidate Chris Gahagan and his virulently anti-religion tweets

(The Heartlander) – A candidate for Kansas City Council has a bizarre record of acid-tipped tweets about religion and religious people, writing in one that, “If you have a religion,… Read More

January 13, 2023
The ‘most sexual and inappropriate family-friendly drag show ever’ comes to Kansas City for Christmas

Drag queens are coming to Kansas City to celebrate Christmas, and “all ages” are welcome. “A Drag Queen Christmas” is coming to The Midland Theatre in Kansas City… Read More

December 19, 2022
Op-Ed: Christmas Eve 1776 changed the world forever

(William Haupt III | The Center Square) – “We must remember, mankind allows that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community, are equally entitled to the protections… Read More

December 25, 2021
Celebrating Christmas around the world: 7 global traditions

Where in the world do you celebrate Christmas? For our family that spans several continents – Europe, Asia and Africa among them – the answers have… Read More

December 23, 2021
Christian Schools
High school seniors organize fundraiser to replace custodian’s truck after fire

Two Christian high school seniors near San Diego started a GoFundMe earlier this month to replace a longtime school custodian’s truck after it was destroyed by a fire. Read More

December 20, 2021