Arkansas LEARNS Act suspended by judge until June hearing

(The Center Square) – A Pulaski County Circuit Court judge has suspended the Arkansas LEARNS Act until a hearing can be held to determine if lawmakers erred by not adding… Read More

May 30, 2023
Federal court reinstates admissions policy found to have anti-Asian bias in Virginia school

A federal appeals court reinstated admission policies at a Virginia high school that allows race-based policies critics say discriminate against Asian Americans. Previously, a lower court found that the admission… Read More

May 25, 2023
Public Education
Teacher who disclosed CEA’s anti-capitalist platform could face criminal investigation over violent Marxist speech

A Colorado teacher who ignited a controversy when he tweeted the passage of the Colorado Education Association’s (CEA) anti-capitalist plank is under fire for advocating for revolution… Read More

May 18, 2023
State Supreme Court will hear decades-long North Carolina education funding case on Aug. 31

(The Center Square) – Dozens of “recognized leaders in the North Carolina business community” are weighing in on the decades-long Leandro school funding saga ahead of a state Supreme Court… Read More

July 29, 2022
Public Education
Court dismisses lawsuit against previous West Virginia COVID-19 restrictions

(The Center Square) – The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed a lawsuit filed against West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice for his previous COVID-19 lockdown policies, but refused to rule… Read More

June 15, 2022
Culture, Public Education
One count dismissed for Virginia father arrested at school board meeting

(The Center Square) – An appeals court dismissed one conviction for the father of a Loudoun County Public School sexual assault victim after the father was arrested during an argument… Read More

May 4, 2022