Culture, Opinion
Op-Ed: The DOJ and FBI only arrest pro-life advocates

(The Center Square) – “Laws made by common consent must not be trampled on by individuals.” – George Washington The city of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, is in the buckle of… Read More

October 13, 2022
Biden’s DOJ sicced the FBI on pro-life father, arrested in front of his children in guns-drawn morning raid

A pro-life volunteer and father of seven was arrested on questionable charges by the FBI in a SWAT raid involving around 20 federal agents with guns drawn, even as… Read More

September 26, 2022
Public Education
Whistleblower: School parents really were targeted as terrorists by FBI after Biden directive

Are concerned parents really being treated as “domestic terrorists”? It seems unimaginable, but apparently some are. Moms and dads of schoolchildren, in nearly every region of… Read More

May 12, 2022