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Public Education
Texas on the verge of allowing chaplains in public schools

(Daily Caller) – A bill allowing chaplains in schools passed the Texas Legislature Tuesday evening after the state’s House of Representatives voted largely along party lines, according to Religion News… Read More

May 11, 2023
State AG coalition calls out Chase Bank for religious discrimination

(The Center Square) – A group of attorneys general from across the U.S. is going after one of the country’s largest banks, which it claims treats some Christians unfairly. Read More

May 9, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Loudoun County teacher banned from putting Bible verse in email signature

A Loudoun County Public Schools teacher was banned from including a Bible verse in her email signature in what one legal group calls a First Amendment violation. The… Read More

April 20, 2023
Catholic college fundraises to cut ties with ‘intrusive,’ ‘hostile’ federal government

(Daily Caller) – A Catholic college is raising money to end its affiliation with the federal government and become financially independent, arguing the government has become “hostile to faith,” according… Read More

April 5, 2023
Courts, Culture
Church daycare is suing California for mandating ‘sexual orthodoxy’ in violation of the Constitution

A California church and daycare is suing the state for alleged religious discrimination and violating the Constitution. For over 20 years, Church of Compassion and its Dayspring Christian… Read More

March 30, 2023
U.S. Department of Education faces backlash for repealing First Amendment protections

Religious groups and an alliance of attorneys general are criticizing the Department of Education (ED) for rescinding rules that protect college students’ religious freedoms. The rules, which were… Read More

March 28, 2023
Christian Schools, Opinion
Without Sage’s Law, private Christian schools are worth the cost

The public school establishment increasingly views involved parents as the enemy to effective education. Last month, the Virginia General Assembly killed a bill, HB 2432,… Read More

March 28, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Utah school district considers banning Bible after parent appears to complain it is pornographic

(Daily Caller) – A Utah parent appears to have complained to a school district that the Bible is pornographic and suggested it be banned from school libraries. According to the … Read More

March 27, 2023
Kirk Cameron fights back against ‘sick and deranged’ drag queen library events, publisher says

Actor Kirk Cameron is promoting a pro-faith story hour that stands in contrast to the “drag queen” story hour being hosted this week by New York Attorney General Letitia… Read More

March 17, 2023
Gratitude, prayer key to Keyontae Johnson’s second chance in college basketball and life

After a near-death collapse on court and nearly two years away from college basketball, Keyontae Johnson is making the most of his second chance. The Kansas State Wildcats’… Read More

March 16, 2023
Courts, Culture
Jewish parents are suing California for allegedly discriminating against their disabled children

Three Jewish families are suing the California Department of Education and Superintendent of Public Instruction in a bid to secure equal funding for their disabled children’s private education. Read More

March 14, 2023
Culture, Public Education
School district sued for allegedly discrimination against Christian after-school club

(Daily Caller) – A Rhode Island school district is the subject of a lawsuit after allegedly preventing Christian clubs from operating on its school campuses while allowing secular clubs. Providence… Read More

March 13, 2023
Courts, Culture
SCOTUS’ decision in upcoming case could have massive implications for small business owners of faith

(Daily Caller) – The Supreme Court’s decision in an upcoming case could secure protection for multiple religious small business owners with current lawsuits in federal appeals courts, along with others… Read More

March 6, 2023
Culture, Public Education
‘Parents need to wake up’: Advocates sound alarm about Satanist after-school clubs sprouting across the country

(Daily Caller) – The Satanic Temple (TST) made headlines in 2022 for fighting for the right to create after-school clubs for students and has recently been launching new groups across… Read More

March 6, 2023
Pro-LGBT Michigan bill fails to offer religious protections

The Michigan Senate approved a bill expanding civil rights to include sexual orientation and gender identity, potentially creating “impossible-to-resolve conflicts” for churches and other religious groups. “We strongly… Read More

March 6, 2023
NYC mayor calls himself a ‘servant of God,’ criticizes faithless education, ruffling feathers on the left

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is being harangued by the political left for refusing to separate his faith from his office. At an interfaith breakfast hosted at… Read More

March 2, 2023
Anti-religion group complains about Colorado coach Deion Sanders’ prayers

(The Center Square) – The University of Colorado’s legal department is reviewing a letter that’s part of a war of words between two advocacy groups clashing over the Christian prayers of… Read More

March 1, 2023
Christian Schools, Culture
Vermont Christian School forfeits basketball tournament, won’t force girls to play against male athlete who is trans

(Daily Caller) – A Christian high school forfeited a spot in a basketball tournament out of concerns of “fairness” by forcing their female students to compete against another school’s transgender… Read More

February 28, 2023
Top education official forms committee to consider how to protect religious worship in Oklahoma public schools

The Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction is forming a new committee to ensure students’ right to prayer and worship is protected in public schools. Ryan Walters announced… Read More

February 27, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Oklahoma AG walks back predecessor’s green light for faith-based charter schools, citing ‘unsettled’ law

(Daily Caller) – Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond rescinded his predecessor’s decision to allow publicly funded religious charter schools Thursday, according to a letter sent to the Statewide Virtual Charter… Read More

February 24, 2023