first amendment
Justices weigh future of free speech on social media platforms

(The Daily Signal) – Can states prohibit social media companies from censoring the speech of their platforms’ users? That’s a question now before the Supreme Court.  The… Read More

February 27, 2024
Idaho introduces a bill to protect public school teachers’ freedom not to use preferred pronouns

Idaho lawmakers advanced a bill Friday that would grant legal protection to public school teachers who opt not to use students’ preferred pronouns. If passed, House… Read More

February 20, 2024
Op-ed: Separation of church and state is a misunderstood myth

For decades, anti-religious watchdogs have waged war on Christianity under the guise of “separation of church and state.” Groups such as the Freedom From Religion Foundation (run by atheists) and… Read More

February 19, 2024
Public Education
Prayer at school board meeting sparks Constitutional debate

A North Carolina school board meeting took an unexpected turn when the chairman opened the meeting with a prayer instead of the customary moment of silence. Before he prayed, newly… Read More

February 5, 2024
Public Education
Legal group: Oregon school district is violating mother’s First Amendment rights

(The Center Square) – On Monday, the Liberty Justice Center sent a demand letter to a school district on an Oregon mother’s behalf. The mother alleges that her… Read More

January 30, 2024
High school coach denied injunction after being fired for saying men have athletic advantages over women

A coach who was fired for saying that men have biological advantages over women in sports has lost his request for a preliminary injunction.   Coach David… Read More

January 9, 2024
SEC sides with Christian groups over Apple on access to apps

(The Daily Signal) – The Securities and Exchange Commission this week rejected Apple’s request to block a Christian group from making a proposal at a shareholder meeting on what apps the technology company… Read More

January 5, 2024
‘Raw retaliatory censorship’: Kansas veteran sues school board for restricting free speech, banning him from school property

A Kansas man is suing his local school district for viewpoint discrimination after being banned from school property for over two years. It’s one of two lawsuits Justin Spiehs has… Read More

January 3, 2024
Memphis’ Chimney Rock Elementary to host Satan Club

Chimney Rock Elementary School in Tennessee will soon host its first After School Satan Club (ASSC), sponsored by a Salem, Massachusetts satanic temple and humanist non-profit, drawing criticism from locals. Read More

December 14, 2023
Public Education
Virginia school board relents, allows mother to pray during public comment

A Virginia school board reversed its decision to deny a parent’s request to pray during a public comment in August, now allowing the mother to pray during her allotted time. Read More

November 28, 2023
Public Education
Federal magistrate sides with professor in First Amendment suit against a college’s DEI policies 

A federal magistrate sided with a professor in a First Amendment case where a California college was seeking to take punitive actions against the teacher for not cooperating with diversity… Read More

November 21, 2023
Public Education
Georgia high school football coach sacked after atheist group threatens district over player baptisms

A Christian football coach at a Georgia high school has been sacked from coaching for allegedly holding a baptism on school grounds where 20 players professed faith in Christ. The… Read More

November 21, 2023
‘God gave us a warrior spirit’: High school coach Joe Kennedy explains why he fought for the right to pray on the football field

Joe Kennedy was just an average Joe. A retired marine turned high school football coach, he never expected to be caught in the crossfires of a seven-year-long legal battle over the… Read More

November 17, 2023
British police interrogate woman under threat of arrest for expressing an opinion about gender on social media

Free speech is under attack in the United Kingdom, critics say, after a woman was reportedly interrogated Friday over a post on X, which stated “trans women are men.” The… Read More

November 15, 2023
Kansas resident removed from board meeting wins First Amendment case against school board member

(The Sentinel) – In a victory for free speech rights, a federal jury recently sided with Olathe resident Jennifer Gilmore who was removed from an Olathe Board of Education … Read More

November 6, 2023
Christian Schools
Christian preschool wins first battle in religious discrimination lawsuit

A Christian school won the first battle in a lawsuit against Colorado’s universal preschool program, accused in the suit of anti-religious bias. In June, the Darren Patterson Christian Academy (DCPA)… Read More

October 24, 2023
Religious freedom coalition urges Senate to reject judge nominee, citing her ‘opposition’ to First Amendment protections

(The Daily Signal) – The Senate will vote soon on the controversial nomination of D.C. Judge Loren AliKhan to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The Senate Judiciary… Read More

July 14, 2023
Biden admin can’t coordinate with social media to suppress speech, federal judge rules

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A federal judge issued an injunction Tuesday ruling that the Biden administration likely violated the First Amendment when it worked with social media companies to… Read More

July 5, 2023
High school sports association tries to use new Florida law to dismiss suit against its alleged anti-Christian bias

The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) filed a motion asking a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit against alleging anti-Christian bias. In 2015, the FHSAA… Read More

June 13, 2023
Man arrested for reading Bible at gay pride event

A Pennsylvania man was arrested at a “gay pride” event for reading a Bible verse in public. In the video posted on Twitter, Christian protestor Damon… Read More

June 12, 2023