freedom of speech
Free speech group files lawsuit against public university over ‘bias response team’

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Indiana University is violating students’ First and 14th Amendment rights through its “far-reaching” bias reporting policy, a civil rights organization alleges. Speech First filed a … Read More

May 31, 2024
NC educator wins settlement after teaching ‘viewpoint diversity’ got him fired

A North Carolina teacher won his lawsuit against the public school that fired him for teaching “viewpoint diversity.” David Phillips spent eight years teaching English at the… Read More

April 29, 2024
‘It’s actually racist’: Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele exposes the truth behind identity politics

As a biracial woman who rose to the top of the male-dominated field of sports broadcasting, Sage Steele is an exemplar of the American melting pot. But none of that… Read More

April 9, 2024
‘Avoid false balance’: AP style guide aims to silence dissent

(The Daily Signal) – Most news outlets rely on The Associated Press style guide – officially known as the AP Stylebook – as the arbiter for grammar, spelling, and terminology… Read More

April 9, 2024
‘Free speech is dead’: Steve Baker’s J6 arrest revolves almost entirely around his public statements, analysts say

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Blaze Media investigative journalist Steve Baker might’ve avoided prosecution if it weren’t for his political views and public statements after the Capitol riot on Jan. 6,… Read More

April 5, 2024
‘Department of Conformity’: NYC Department of Ed sued for silencing dissenting voices

Three New Yorkers filed a lawsuit against the NYC Department of Education (DOE) and one of its school boards for viewpoint discrimination and violating the First Amendment. The plaintiffs –… Read More

April 4, 2024
J.K. Rowling invites arrest, mocking Scotland’s new ‘hate crime’ law she says devalues ‘actual women and girls’

In a series of X posts, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling ridiculed notorious trans women (biological males) in an attempt to draw attention to a new “hate… Read More

April 2, 2024
Landmark Missouri v. Biden case at Supreme Court Monday, exposing ‘disgusting underbelly’ of government censorship, Sen. Schmitt says

Missouri’s lawsuit fighting censorship of conservatives on social media has revealed the “disgusting underbelly” of the Biden administration’s “vast censorship enterprise,” says U.S. Sen. Eric Schmitt – who filed the… Read More

March 18, 2024
Public Education
Exclusive: Father of Indiana student who resolutely flies American flag on truck calls son a ‘hero’

The father of a student in Indiana said he considers his son “his hero” after the teen refused pressure from school officials telling him to stop flying the American flag. Read More

March 11, 2024
Idaho introduces a bill to protect public school teachers’ freedom not to use preferred pronouns

Idaho lawmakers advanced a bill Friday that would grant legal protection to public school teachers who opt not to use students’ preferred pronouns. If passed, House… Read More

February 20, 2024
ESPN allegedly tried to censor former ‘SportsCenter’ anchor Sage Steele for supporting women’s sports

Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele says the company tried to silence her heartfelt support for women’s sports to be free of biological males, but that she considered it “a hill… Read More

January 3, 2024
Could it happen here? Sen. Vance slams Irish legislation targeting free speech

(The Daily Signal) – Republican Ohio Sen. JD Vance sent a letter Tuesday to Irish Ambassador Geraldine Byrne Nason expressing strong concerns about legislation that would undermine Irish citizens’ freedom of… Read More

December 13, 2023
AG: Missouri’s landmark injunction halting Biden administration censorship of conservatives clears the path for free speech in 2024 election

Missouri’s historic injunction against Biden administration censorship of online conservative speech, upheld by an appeals court Friday, sets the rules of engagement for the 2024 election decidedly in favor of… Read More

September 12, 2023
Public Education
Rhode Island teacher sues school that let him go after he ditched their union

(Daily Caller) – A Rhode Island educator sued his former school on Dec. 30 after allegedly being fired for choosing to opt out of the teachers’ union. John Lancellotta … Read More

January 6, 2023
Stanford University claims ‘freshman’ and ‘American’ are offensive terms

Despite stiff competition, Stanford University recently became a major contender in the race to become the most politically correct academic institution ever. Stanford released the Elimination… Read More

January 5, 2023