The significance of the Ten Commandments can now be taught in Utah public schools as part of American History

Utah public schools will now have the ability to teach the Ten Commandments after a new law was passed in the Legislature. Utah Gov. Sean Cox signed a bill last… Read More

March 26, 2024
lincoln, civics education
‘You can’t fix what you don’t understand’: New study raises more worries about America’s civics literacy

A new survey found 70% of Americans would fail a basic civics literacy quiz. The survey by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of 2,000 registered voters… Read More

February 21, 2024
Florida’s ‘Kamala Harris Truth about Slavery Act’ would teach students about the Democrat Party’s pro-slavery history 

Florida public schools may soon be updating their African American history curriculum to include the pro-slavery history of the Democrat Party.  State Sen. Blaise Ingoglia, R-Spring Hill, and Rep. Kiyan… Read More

January 12, 2024
These 2 ‘news’ stories show why history is too important to leave to academia, legacy media

(The Daily Signal) – Elite Western institutions have not only failed to pass on our history and traditions, in many cases, they have intentionally tried to tear… Read More

November 28, 2023
Largest living history museum in the US teaching queer history

(The Daily Signal) – Critical race theory spread through our institutions by educating the educators. Each teacher then goes on to influence countless students. Unfortunately, certain historic… Read More

October 10, 2023
Op-ed: Why young Americans are not taught about evil

(The Daily Signal) – Most of our schools teach almost nothing of importance, and nothing is more important than the study of good and evil. In the United States today,… Read More

August 31, 2023
Public Education
Gadsden flag vindicated: Colorado school reverses course after kicking student out for patriotic backpack

(The Daily Signal) – A Colorado Springs school has reversed course after booting a 12-year-old boy off campus for refusing to remove a patch on his backpack… Read More

August 31, 2023
GOP senators’ new bill would crack down on ‘marxist’ race-based lessons in K-12 schools

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio led the introduction of a bill Tuesday that would prohibit taxpayer funds from being spent on K-12  American History and civics… Read More

July 26, 2023
Public Education
School board defies Gavin Newsom, rejects curriculum despite governor’s threats

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A California school board rejected a history curriculum Tuesday that included a biography on Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to… Read More

July 20, 2023
What the Declaration of Independence teaches us about our rights, duties as Americans

(The Daily Signal) – If we want to conserve the American nation, then we must begin with the Declaration of Independence. We should be aware of the richness of this… Read More

July 3, 2023
Public Education
American Birthright: New push to improve K-12 social studies standards

While some activists are advocating for leftist civics education, only 13% of eighth grade students scored at or above the U.S. history standards last year, according… Read More

June 16, 2023
Public Education
Students fail history and civics in latest national report card. CRT ‘civics crusaders’ blamed

Test scores for 8th graders on civics and history declined according to the test known as the Nation’s Report Card or NAEP, released Wednesday. It was the first… Read More

May 4, 2023
Public Education
Virginians to offer feedback on history standards

(The Center Square) – The Virginia Board of Education this week is beginning a series of public hearings on the most recent draft of the state’s history and social… Read More

March 14, 2023
An American History storybook for kids builds on the success of the Tuttle Twins series

With millions of books sold in the Tuttle Twins series, a libertarian think tank released a related storybook for families and schools to teach the circumstances and principles of… Read More

January 6, 2023
Christian Schools
Herzog Foundation announces winning students in Bill of Rights Essay Contest

The Herzog Foundation has announced the two winners and seven runners-up in its 2022 Bill of Rights essay contest for middle and high school students. Read More

December 22, 2022
Culture, Public Education
New poll shows Massachusetts should reinstate graduation requirement

(The Center Square) – A majority of Massachusetts residents included in a new poll said they are in favor of having students pass a test in order to graduate high… Read More

December 8, 2022
Christian Schools
Teacher of the Year Greg Finch: Christian education may be the last best hope for America, Western civilization

Many of us hear a divine calling in our prayers. Greg Finch actually heard his with his ears.  After finding his passion for history in college, and… Read More

September 20, 2022
St. Patrick: The Christian legacy behind the legend

As an immigrant to the United States, I had never heard of St. Patrick’s Day until my music teacher told me she was wearing green in his honor. Read More

March 17, 2022
There was no school, so this teacher created one

LaBELLE, Fla. — Nearly a century before micro-schools became a thing, a woman named Selma Daniels created one for Black students not far from the Everglades. Dorothy Mae… Read More

March 3, 2022
Op-Ed: Christmas Eve 1776 changed the world forever

(William Haupt III | The Center Square) – “We must remember, mankind allows that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community, are equally entitled to the protections… Read More

December 25, 2021