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How Biden’s mental decline went from ‘misinformation’ to fact in a week

(The Daily Signal) – Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame recently told CNN views that people close to President Joe Biden – people “who loved him, have supported him, and among… Read More

July 8, 2024
‘America at great risk’: Foreign affairs committee members warn Biden’s lack of mental fitness puts US in danger

(The Daily Signal) – Republican members of the House and Senate foreign affairs committees have expressed alarm over President Joe Biden’s apparent declining mental health amid a growing terror threat… Read More

July 3, 2024
‘We beat medicare’: Biden freezes mid-answer before being bailed out by moderator

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – President Joe Biden froze-up during the first 15 minutes of the 2024 presidential debate before being bailed out by CNN moderator Jake Tapper. The debate… Read More

June 28, 2024
Advocates rally to blast Biden’s Title IX changes

(The Center Square) – Opponents to President Joe Biden’s rewrite of Title IX gathered outside of the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday to decry the Biden administration’s changes to Title… Read More

June 21, 2024
24 GOP governors warn Biden against ‘unconstitutional’ WHO pandemic agreement

(The Daily Signal) – As President Joe Biden considers adopting a global health agreement that would turn the power of the federal government over to leaders of a world government, dozens… Read More

May 29, 2024
Texas sues Biden over ‘gender identity’ accommodation guidance

(The Center Square) – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued three federal agencies Tuesday to “stop an unlawful attempt to redefine federal law through agency guidance” that mandates “gender identity”… Read More

May 23, 2024
‘Day one’: Trump vows to uphold protections for girls by ending Biden’s Title IX rewrite if elected

(The Daily Signal) – Former President Donald Trump vowed Friday to end President Joe Biden’s rewrite of Title IX “on Day One” if he should win the presidential election in November. “We’re… Read More

May 13, 2024
Biden education secretary refuses to say if he would let boys fight his daughter and undress in front of her

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona declined to answer questions about whether he would let boys fight his daughter in sports or undress in front of… Read More

May 8, 2024
Records: Prisoners, noncitizens among topics at White House meeting with left-wing activists to increase voter turnout

(The Daily Signal) – White House officials met with liberal activists to discuss boosting voting among prisoners and immigrants just four months after President Joe Biden signed an executive order on… Read More

May 2, 2024
Biden admin to release finalized rule expanding Title IX protection to transgender students

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – President Joe Biden’s administration will release a finalized rule on Friday that expands Title IX protection to include “gender identity,” according to CNN. Title IX prohibits discrimination… Read More

April 19, 2024
Courts, Opinion
Biden’s big bet on military abortions falls flat

(The Daily Signal) – Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, President Joe Biden has made it a top priority to use any and all administrative… Read More

April 1, 2024
Public Education
Lawmakers blast Bidenbucks in letter to Education Department leader

(The Center Square) – Using Federal Work-Study funds to support the campaign of President Joe Biden is called Bidenbucks and unfair by four members of Congress from North Carolina, Wisconsin,… Read More

March 14, 2024
Ted Cruz slams Biden Justice Department’s collusion with Southern Poverty Law Center

(The Daily Signal) – Conservative U.S. senators condemned President Joe Biden’s Justice Department for receiving a briefing on “hate” from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left group… Read More

March 11, 2024
Biden admin keeps softening TikTok stance as company’s influence campaign grows

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign announced that it had joined TikTok on Sunday, contradicting previous reports that it wouldn’t. Despite the… Read More

February 13, 2024
Biden offers one-word response to question about ‘March for Life’

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – President Joe Biden offered a one-word response Thursday to a reporter’s question about the annual March for Life event. A reporter asked if Biden had a… Read More

January 19, 2024
Abortion, sacred truths, and politics

(The Daily Signal) – Speaking Jan. 5 in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, President Joe Biden said that the 2024 election is about whether “democracy” is “still America’s sacred cause.” But is… Read More

January 18, 2024
‘What’s next?’: Dem assemblywoman rips Biden, Adams over NYC school’s use for illegal aliens

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A New York state assemblywoman from New York City blasted President Joe Biden and Democratic Mayor Eric Adams after a high school was temporarily closed… Read More

January 11, 2024
Here’s how much regulations cost average American family – and how Biden is making it worse

(The Daily Signal) – Americans expect to pay federal taxes, but the federal government also picks their pockets in more hidden ways, and President Joe Biden is making the problem worse… Read More

November 29, 2023