San Diego passes rules curbing protests near schools, churches, health facilities

(The Center Square) – The city of San Diego is strengthening its ordinances to give people who deal with protestors more rights to not be obstructed or harassed. The city… Read More

May 23, 2024
Public Education
America’s annual K-12 spending nears $1 trillion

The nation’s public education spending continues to rise, yet students continue to struggle with academic basics post-pandemic. The Institute of Education Sciences, the research arm of the U.S. Department of… Read More

May 15, 2024
K-12 ‘action civics’ trained students encamped on college campuses. Here’s what parents need to know.

(The Daily Signal) – Parents asking why their college student’s graduation is canceled this year need only remember when their child was in high school. K-12 schools have been training… Read More

April 30, 2024
Public Education
Report: Tennessee K-12 students recovered from learning loss faster than most

(The Center Square) – Tennessee saw some of the largest learning recovery from pandemic conditions, according to a study from the Harvard Center for Education Policy Research. The state saw… Read More

January 31, 2024
Republican senators hold listening session with parents fighting indoctrination in schools

(The Daily Signal) – Republican senators met Wednesday with a group of parents to discuss the state of education in the U.S. and school systems affected by … Read More

January 29, 2024
Public Education
Illinois education officials seeking more tax dollars

(The Center Square) – The Illinois State Board of Education is aiming high in its request for more taxpayer funding in the next fiscal year. The board is proposing a… Read More

January 26, 2024
North Carolina year in review: School choice gains, racial discrimination judgment

(The Center Square) – Universal school choice and a landmark decision in higher education at the U.S. Supreme Court topped North Carolina’s 2023 impactful education developments. The state became 10th… Read More

January 4, 2024
New education model charts course for ‘success sequence’ in New Year

(The Daily Signal) – Just in time for Christmas, new data finds good news on education: Average graduation rates nationwide are up two percentage points. Before celebrating, though, research reminds us… Read More

December 14, 2023
Public Education
Virginia school rankings yields a rural surprise

(The Center Square) – U.S. News & World Report recently released its rankings of Virginia K-12 public schools, and the results are primarily unsurprising – except for one school that placed second… Read More

December 12, 2023
Public Education
Gov. Kathy Hochul unveils effort to devise ‘misinformation’ toolkit for K-12 students

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul unveiled a new initiative on Tuesday for teaching students in her state to detect “misinformation” online. Hochul tasked the… Read More

November 22, 2023
Public Education
Blue state students hit with significant grade inflation during pandemic, study shows

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Washington state K-12 students suffered significant grade inflation during the COVID-19 pandemic, raising concerns that learning loss may have had a larger effect in the… Read More

November 14, 2023
Tennessee lawmaker preparing for statewide K-12 ESA bill

(The Center Square) – The Tennessee Legislature will hear a proposal to create a statewide educational savings program in the upcoming session, Rep. Mark White, R-Memphis, confirmed to The Center… Read More

November 7, 2023
Public Education
Legislative committee taking deep look at costs as it considers rejecting federal education funding in Tennessee

(The Center Square) – As members of a committee sit down to analyze the impact of federal funding on Tennessee’s K-12 schools, they will be diving in depth into numbers… Read More

October 26, 2023
Public Education
PragerU announces new partnerships with Montana, New Hampshire to provide textbooks, financial literacy courses  

PragerU has announced partnerships with two states, as parents and education leaders are re-envisioning K-12 education.   The nonprofit education group that promotes American values largely through online videos has formed… Read More

October 17, 2023
School choice is better for democracy than government schooling

(The Daily Signal) – As state after state embraces policies that empower parents with more options in K-12 education, opponents of school choice are claiming that it is a “threat… Read More

October 17, 2023
Parents should know what their kids are learning at school

(The Daily Signal) – Does anything compare with having the peace of mind of knowing that your child is safe, happy, and learning during the school day? While a parent… Read More

October 5, 2023
Public Education
Michigan public school spending rises while enrollment drops

(The Center Square) – Per student spending in Michigan is up 24.8% over the past 17 years as Michigan has pumped more money into K-12 education while enrollment has been… Read More

August 9, 2023
Public Education
More students approved for Iowa education savings accounts

(The Center Square) – Over 18,000 students in Iowa have been approved for education savings accounts, up by over 1,000 since last month, according to the state Department of Education. Read More

August 9, 2023
Public Education
Poll: Tennessee residents support expanding K-12 ESA voucher program

(The Center Square) – Tennessee residents support expanding the state’s educational savings account program to the rest of the state, according to a new wide-ranging poll from Beacon Center. The… Read More

July 6, 2023
Public Education
American Birthright: New push to improve K-12 social studies standards

While some activists are advocating for leftist civics education, only 13% of eighth grade students scored at or above the U.S. history standards last year, according… Read More

June 16, 2023