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Marxist teacher chose by select Democrat committee insiders for seat for Colorado General Assembly

Tim Hernández, the teachers’ union activist in Colorado who advocated for an anti-capitalist plank, was picked to fill a vacancy in the Colorado Legislature. Hernández, who is an avowed Marxist,… Read More

August 28, 2023
Kansas legislators encourage homeschoolers’ participation: ‘You know your child best’

Four legislators from the Kansas House and Senate urged homeschool families to get more involved in the state’s educational policies, even inviting them to testify at legislative committees.  “Legislation does… Read More

August 24, 2023
Public Education
Kansas district used $4 million extra at-risk state aid to boost SPED cash reserves

(The Sentinel) – The Kansas Legislature provides over $500 million of at-risk funding to deliver services to students at risk of academic failure.[i]  According to a 2019 state audit,… Read More

June 27, 2023