Librarians, ACLU sue to keep ‘sexually explicit’ books in Missouri schools

(Daily Caller) – Missouri librarians are challenging a state law which bars sexually explicit books from being in the classroom, according to a lawsuit. Under Missouri law,… Read More

February 27, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Florida school board removes sexually explicit books from school libraries

A Florida school district voted to remove three sexually themed books from its school libraries, in accordance with Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law. The controversy centered around… Read More

February 24, 2023
Arkansas committee greenlights bill creating obscenity standards for libraries

(The Center Square) – The Arkansas Senate Judiciary Committee gave a “do pass” recommendation Monday to a bill that would penalize librarians who knowingly distribute what is deemed obscene material. Read More

February 21, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Cartoon book about gender identity in New York middle school has parent furious

A parent in Dutchess County, New York is asking a local school why cartoon books about gender identity are available in her child’s middle school library. Kristi Rollman… Read More

February 20, 2023
Library offers controversial activist $35,350 in taxpayer money for hour-long speech

(Daily Caller) – New York Times Magazine writer Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of the 1619 project, has reportedly been offered $35,350 for a lecture at a local library. Public library officials… Read More

January 27, 2023
DeSantis admin mandates training for school librarians to vet pornographic books

(Daily Caller) – Florida librarians are now required to take an annual training on which books and instructional materials, specifically ones containing pornography and Critical Race Theory (CRT), are allowed… Read More

January 23, 2023
North Dakota bills seek to restrict access to obscene books for minors

North Dakota lawmakers are considering two bills that would prohibit public libraries from displaying sexually explicit materials to minors. HB 1205, introduced by House Majority Leader… Read More

January 19, 2023
Family-friendly, faith-based story hour for children is taking place in libraries across the country

In direct opposition to “drag queen story hours” for children, Christians have begun holding their own faith-based story hours in libraries all over America. “Our culture now privileges… Read More

January 16, 2023
Kirk Cameron plans national library tour to promote family values and freedom

After successfully promoting his new children’s book at previously unwelcoming public libraries, actor and writer Kirk Cameron is planning a national library tour. Cameron’s new book,… Read More

January 12, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Maine parents demand local school district remove over 80 ‘explicit’ books from school libraries

(Daily Caller) – A group of Maine parents called Monday for a school district to remove 82 books containing sexually explicit content they found in school libraries, the parents told… Read More

January 11, 2023
Opinion, Public Education
New law requires New Jersey schools to teach critical thinking, but could it be politicized?

A recently signed New Jersey law will ensure public schools teach critical thinking and other research skills, but some worry it could be politicized in the classroom. New… Read More

January 11, 2023
‘Keep fighting for our Missouri families,’ say supporters of Ashcroft’s library rule

Who knew Missouri residents had such strong opinions about libraries? After a Sunshine Law request, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft released all the public comments… Read More

January 6, 2023
Community complaints cause library to move 7 sexually inappropriate books while 4 others remain in children’s section

Two mothers’ complaint about sexually inappropriate books prompted the library to move some of them into the adult section. At Fremont City Council’s on Dec. 27, Sandra Murray… Read More

January 3, 2023
Public libraries reject Kirk Cameron’s faith-based book but promote drag queen, LGBT events for kids

(Daily Caller) – Public libraries rejected or ignored American actor and evangelist Kirk Cameron’s request to read his new faith-based children’s book during story-hour, but continue to promote events featuring… Read More

December 8, 2022
Missouri’s Ashcroft advocates for parental rights, asks the public to comment on proposed library rule to protect children

Jay Ashcroft proudly stands by his proposed rule that would forbid state libraries in Missouri from using state funds on materials that “appeal to the prurient… Read More

December 6, 2022
Commenting begins on proposed rules seeking to protect minors at Missouri public libraries

(The Center Square) – Missourians have 30 days beginning today to comment on a proposed rule requiring state-funded libraries to have written policies describing what materials are appropriate for minors. Read More

November 16, 2022
Nevada library spends over $4,000 on ‘Family Pride Day’ featuring ‘drag queen storytime’

(The Center Square) – Nevada’s Clark County Library District spent over $4,000 on a Pride Day event featuring a “drag queen storytime.” “Family Pride Day 2022 celebrates LGBTQIA families in… Read More

October 21, 2022
Public Education
Proposed rule seeks to protect Missouri children from explicit material without book banning

A top Missouri official has proposed a new rule to protect children and youth from inappropriate materials in state-funded libraries.  Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s… Read More

October 20, 2022
Public Education
Parents’ rights group alarmed school librarian promoted book containing sexually graphic content

(The Center Square) – A parents’ rights group is raising the alarm after a Springfield school librarian’s promotion of a controversial book was highlighted by a Twitter feed with 1.4… Read More

October 6, 2022
Michigan library faces closure after voters reject millage over LGBTQ literature

(The Center Square) – Patmos Library in Michigan’s Jamestown Township may face closure next year after voters rejected a millage renewal on Tuesday in protest of some graphic LGTBQ content… Read More

August 8, 2022