Utah Legislature passes bill easing regulations on microschools

With the rise of microschools and learning pods, the Utah Legislature has been debating legislation to remove barriers for microschools and home-based education in the state. The bill, S.B. Read More

February 23, 2024
Christian Schools
Church-based microschools are ‘sprouting everywhere’

One of the signs of “education entrepreneurship” surging throughout the country since the COVID-19 pandemic is church-based microschools – and they’re “sprouting everywhere.” So says Kerry… Read More

October 11, 2023
Upcoming ‘Heartland Hybrid and Microschools Summit’ in Kansas City set to grow education freedom movement

If education is the final frontier in American freedom, its pioneers and homesteaders are meeting in Kansas City next weekend to map the open prairie and help each other plant… Read More

September 15, 2023
Microschools continue to be a popular alternative for families seeking a better education for their children

Microschools and learning pods are growing so popular for families around the country, they have received national media attention. These learning environments tend to be smaller… Read More

September 7, 2023
Former public school educators turning to homeschooling and microschooling

Parents and educators alike are abandoning traditional public schools in favor of alternative models such as homeschooling and microschooling, finding they better serve students unique needs.   Six months into the… Read More

August 29, 2023
Christian Schools
West Virginia church opens microschool, triples enrollment in two years

When West Virginia’s Expression Prep Academy opened with 15 students in 2022, its team had already overcome significant challenges just to launch in time for the school year.  “We started… Read More

August 1, 2023
Christian Schools
Former public school teacher opens Christian microschool, reaches maximum capacity after one year

When Mercedes Grant tried opening a Virginia microschool in July 2022, she organized meetups and small classes to generate interest. But no one signed up for months.  “I knew I… Read More

July 27, 2023
Christian Schools
Small town Christian microschool to grow out of Arizona church, showcasing promise of school choice for rural America

Snowflake is a small Arizona town of nearly 7,000, with a public school, charter school and Lutheran school. Next year, it will have its first microschool. When local resident Laurie… Read More

July 5, 2023
Christian Schools
West Virginia microschool serves dozens of students with Christ-centered learning in first year

When Melissa Mohr realized the school she worked at did not align with her educational philosophy, she and a few other like-minded educators discussed opening a Christian microschool. Microschools and… Read More

June 20, 2023
Microschools offer flexible span of educational opportunities, endless choice for families

(reimaginED) – Originally tagged “pandemic learning pods,” as though once the COVID-19 emergency had passed, so would these traditional education alternatives, the micro-school phenomenon appears ready to shed its born-of-the-moment… Read More

June 27, 2022
Micro-school pioneer: If I can do it, so can you

(reimaginED) – Before all the buzz about learning pods and micro-schools, some folks were already creating learning pods and micro-schools. Jaime Manfra went down this path 10 years ago. Her… Read More

May 3, 2022
Entrepreneur’s worldwide micro-school network encourages ‘heroes’ to pursue self-directed learning

(reimaginED) – Every comic book superhero has an origin story – a narrative that informs his or her identity and motivation. Orphaned science whiz Peter Parker became Spider-Man after being… Read More

March 14, 2022
The little micro-school that could

LEESBURG, Fla. – When the time came to begin sketching out plans for her own little school, Nikki Duslak sat in her breakfast nook at 2 a.m. with a notepad,… Read More

February 17, 2022