Minnesota parents, colleges file lawsuit over anti-Christian education law

Christian parents and colleges have filed a lawsuit against a Minnesota law that would force faith-based institutions out of dual-enrollment programs. The state’s Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program reimburses institutions… Read More

June 5, 2023
Public Education
‘Assaults the sacred God-given identity’: Transgender book sparks uproar for reportedly being available to Minnesota kindergarteners 

A book about a child wanting to transition genders was slammed by a Minnesota parent for reportedly being available to kindergarteners. Mother LaDawn Severin read Call Me Max to the… Read More

May 30, 2023
University of Minnesota professors retract ‘false, misleading’ research characterizing their school as racist

A trio of Minnesota professors retracted their research article on “structural racism” at their university due to its false and misleading claims. The article, published… Read More

April 27, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Minnesota doctor who gets paid for sex changes hosts trans ‘fair’ at elementary school

A controversial doctor who is paid to perform gender-changing procedures is hosting a “gender resource fair” at a Minnesota elementary school later this month. The event will also… Read More

April 3, 2023
‘We got rid of a race-based system, and you’re trying to bring it back’: Black mother unloads on Minnesota bill proposing ethnic studies for kindergarten

The Minnesota Legislature is considering a bill that would require all public school students to take ethnic studies – even kindergarteners. “Minnesota’s K-12 student population is rapidly becoming… Read More

March 27, 2023
Minnesota attacks parental rights nationwide with trans bill that could strip custody

Minnesota attacked parental rights across the nation with the passage of a so-called transgender “refuge” bill in a 68-62 vote by the state House. The law allows the… Read More

March 27, 2023
Public Education
Middle school science teacher pushes anti-capitalism and anarchy on students in biology lessons

A middle school science teacher in Minnesota is teaching anarchy and anti-capitalism in the classroom – and the district is defending her actions as free speech. Mandi Jung,… Read More

March 22, 2023
Public Education
School districts continue to spend on failed reading programs while students suffer learning loss

(Daily Caller) – School districts across the country are continuing to spend money on reading programs that have come under fire for failing to teach students standard literacy skills, according… Read More

March 3, 2023
Public Education
Not one student proficient in math in 10 Minneapolis, St. Paul public schools

(Daily Caller) – At least 10 elementary and high schools in the Minneapolis Public School District and St. Paul Public School District in Minnesota, did not have a single student… Read More

March 2, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Minnesota teacher licensing board under fire for woke ‘mafia tactics’

Minnesota’s teacher licensing board has adopted new standards that incorporate key tenets of LGBT and critical race ideologies, critics say. Rebecca Friedrichs, a veteran public-school teacher of 28… Read More

February 1, 2023
Public Education
Teachers unions have collectively bargained woke policies into the classroom, report shows

(Daily Caller) – Teachers unions used collective bargaining negotiations to push discrimination and anti-racism efforts, according to a report by the Defense of Freedom Institute (DFI). Across the county, teachers … Read More

January 20, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Minnesota could deny teaching licenses to educators with traditional views on gender with new standards

Minnesota’s proposed teacher licensing standards would leave religious educators in a quandary between their faith and their jobs. The standards, which are in the final… Read More

January 13, 2023
Christian Schools
This week in Christian education (Jan. 2-6)

Damar Hamlin (left) and David Adams. Photo courtesy of David Adams. Christian school prays with nation for injured alumnus and NFL player Damar Hamlin – Central Catholic High… Read More

January 6, 2023
Public Education
Ex-teacher accused of grooming a student, pleads guilty to child endangerment

(Daily Caller) – A former Minnesota teacher is pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of endangering a child after being accused of grooming a student, according to Fox 29. A… Read More

December 20, 2022
Public Education
Minnesota $400K recruitment initiative for teachers only yields 6 hires out of possible 41

Money can’t buy happiness, as the saying goes. This year, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) learned money also can’t buy teachers MDE reported the… Read More

December 13, 2022
Public Education
Teacher helps students hide gender transitions using class survey

(Daily Caller) – A Minnesota middle school teacher is using a class survey to help hide students’ gender transitions within her classroom, according to Fox News. Mandi Jung, a teacher… Read More

December 5, 2022
Minnesota children’s hospital offers ‘gender-affirming’ care to minors, even toddlers

Children’s Minnesota hospital offers gender treatments for minors, from toddlers on up. The hospital is among a number of institutions across the U.S. recently exposed for offering the… Read More

November 11, 2022
Public Education
Minnesota spending $900,000 to encourage kids to go outside

(The Center Square) – Minnesota is distributing the second half of $900,000 from its general fund and an account of the Game and Fish Fund to encourage children to experience… Read More

October 24, 2022
Public Education
Blame flies among Minnesota government agencies over $250 million fraud scheme

(The Center Square) – After taxpayers lost $250 million in what federal officials deemed “the largest pandemic fraud” in the nation, the government agencies involved are blaming each other. Read More

September 27, 2022
DOJ charges 47 in $250M pandemic fraud scheme involving child nutrition program

(The Center Square) – The Department of Justice announced criminal charges against 47 defendants for allegedly defrauding taxpayers of $250 million by exploiting a child nutrition program. People defrauded taxpayers… Read More

September 21, 2022