Teen’s powerful pro-life anthem climbs iTunes country charts

(The Daily Signal) – A song with a tender pro-life message has reached the top 5 on iTunes’ chart for country music less than three weeks after its release. Eighteen-year-old Rachel… Read More

July 12, 2024
Public Education
Book banning? Rhode Island school district trained teachers to ‘purge’ music library of ‘discriminatory’ content

A school district in Rhode Island has been caught training its teachers to “decolonize” the music room. The training from 2020 only came to light recently, thanks to parental rights… Read More

December 18, 2023
Public Education
The Value of the Arts in a STEM-centric World

After reading Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love in high school, I saw a glimpse of the love that Jesus and God the Father poured out on us. Reading that… Read More

August 12, 2021