national education association
Teachers’ union that encouraged teacher strikes now faces its own employee rebellion

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – The National Education Association (NEA) has a labor strike on its hands as its 48 employees protest low wages, Axios reports. The NEA, which represents… Read More

November 15, 2023
Public Education
Labor union’s own data contradict teacher exodus claims

(The Center Square) – Teacher compensation across Pennsylvania grew over the past decade, despite claims from officials that low salaries and high stress scare educators from the state in droves. Read More

July 3, 2023
Culture, Opinion
Woke ‘implicit bias’ training for educators is a priority for national teachers’ union

The nation’s largest teachers’ union wants educators to know they are inevitably biased, even racially biased, despite their best intentions. “Understandably, most people aren’t too eager to be… Read More

January 10, 2023