new york city
Video highlights trans activist mourners’ alleged deception of Catholic cathedral

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Transgender activists who held a funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City allegedly deceived church officials when making the request for the service,… Read More

February 20, 2024
Anti-Israel protests continue at Columbia, even targeting Hillary Clinton, in what university officials defend as ‘a good example’ of ‘respectful speech’

Anti-Israel student protestors at Columbia University continue to demonstrate, and even barraged Hillary Clinton with chants about “genocide” as she departed a classroom. The former secretary of… Read More

December 1, 2023
Public Education
Immigration crisis causing chaos, budget trouble for New York City schools

Immigrants housed in New York City will be shuffled to new shelters as required under city sanctuary rules for non-citizens, causing chaos in the public school system. The surge of… Read More

November 30, 2023
Public Education
Antisemitism behind riot that forced teacher to hide at New York high school, says city councilman

Police are investigating what caused a mob of students to hound a terrified New York teacher for expressing support for Israel last week – but some already know the answer. Read More

November 28, 2023
Public Education
NYC Mayor Eric Adams defunds school safety to offset spending for housing of illegal immigrants

New York City’s mayor is taking heat for cutting 250 new school safety agents and suggesting parents volunteer to patrol their local schools. “We’re going to be leaning into parents… Read More

November 20, 2023
NYC becomes first US city to offer ‘on demand’ phone appointment for ‘abortion kit’

(The Daily Signal) – New York City’s health system has become the first in the nation to offer “on demand” virtual “abortion access,” the city announced on Monday. NYC… Read More

October 4, 2023
Don’t defend Planned Parenthood’s ‘gender-affirming care.’ Defund It.

(The Daily Signal) – In post-Roe America, Planned Parenthood is shifting gears. To make up for its lost abortion revenue, it’s expanding its reach into what it calls “… Read More

August 11, 2023
Public Education
Nation’s largest school district recommends book about transgender child for students in grades 3-5

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – The nation’s largest school district recommended a book about a transgender child for elementary students to read over the summer. “I… Read More

July 11, 2023
Public Education
NYC mayor looks to house migrants in public schools over the summer

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams and his administration are considering housing migrants in public schools over the summer, according to the New York… Read More

July 7, 2023
Public Education
Reported data breach of NYC schools compromises sensitive information of 45,000 students

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A significant data breach has occurred within New York City schools, compromising the sensitive information of around 45,000 students, school employees and service providers, according to… Read More

June 26, 2023
Public Education
Parents running against race-based admissions policies sweep local school board races

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Candidates backed by an organization focused on promoting merit-based admissions notched several victories in New York City’s recent school board elections, according to the New York… Read More

June 20, 2023
Machete-wielding prof was arrested during BLM protests, founded anti-cop group

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A former New York City professor who is currently under police investigation after holding a machete to a reporter’s neck was arrested during a 2020… Read More

May 25, 2023
Public Education
Professor who harassed pro-life students threatens, chases reporter with Machete

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A Hunter College professor will not return to campus after she held an apparent machete to a reporter’s neck on Tuesday, an official told the… Read More

May 24, 2023
Public Education
K-12 public schools in NYC cost nearly $40,000 per student. That’s more expensive than the average private university

Public school funding in New York City is going through the roof – of the Empire State Building. Despite decreasing enrollment, NYC public schools are primed to spend… Read More

April 20, 2023
Kirk Cameron fights back against ‘sick and deranged’ drag queen library events, publisher says

Actor Kirk Cameron is promoting a pro-faith story hour that stands in contrast to the “drag queen” story hour being hosted this week by New York Attorney General Letitia… Read More

March 17, 2023
Columbia University ditches standardized testing requirements for admissions

(Daily Caller) – Columbia University in New York City is no longer requiring undergraduate applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores to gain admission to the Ivy League school. Read More

March 3, 2023
NYC mayor calls himself a ‘servant of God,’ criticizes faithless education, ruffling feathers on the left

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is being harangued by the political left for refusing to separate his faith from his office. At an interfaith breakfast hosted at… Read More

March 2, 2023
Public Education
After test scores show record decline for NYC students, Mayor Adams proposes $4 billion for school heaters in ‘unrealistic’ energy program

The mayor of America’s largest city announced a plan in late October to spend $4 billion to electrify school heating systems as part of an energy… Read More

November 7, 2022