Culture, Public Education
Tulsa Public School Board shuts down parent comments

Parents who want to speak before the Tulsa Public School Board (TPS) must first get approval from the school board’s lawyers, reports KTUL TV news. … Read More

January 13, 2023
Public Education
Transgender student charged after punching two female students in girl’s bathroom he was illegally using

A transgender Oklahoma teen, born male, has been charged with assault after punching two girls in their high school restroom which he was using illegally. The incident happened… Read More

December 21, 2022
Oklahoma bill would force drunk drivers who kill parents to pay child support

(The Center Square) – Oklahoma could become the latest state to saddle a drunk driver who kills a child’s parents with the financial responsibility for the orphaned youth. Rep Jim… Read More

December 21, 2022
Legislation, Public Education
Oklahoma notches religious liberty victory, effectively permits public charter schools to be religious

Oklahoma’s attorney general issued an opinion this month that a state law preventing charter schools from being religious likely violates the Constitution and should not be enforced. The… Read More

December 15, 2022
Courts, Public Education
Mother of autistic student sues Oklahoma district for negligence in wake of physical assault incident

The mother of an autistic student has filed a lawsuit against her son’s Oklahoma school district after an alleged assault from another student. Adrianne Johnson filed suit on… Read More

November 28, 2022
Public Education
Judge rules in free speech case that school board can’t bar father from school over his criticism of books 

An Oklahoma judge has ruled that a father who challenged his child’s school board over pornographic material in the library cannot be barred from the school for his speech. Read More

November 17, 2022
Public Education
Oklahoma’s education system ‘won’t go woke,’ says state superintendent-elect

Oklahoma’s new superintendent of public schools says his win signals a rejection of the Biden agenda, more control for parents and more transparency.  “We believe that we’ve… Read More

November 14, 2022
Oklahoma election called ‘mandate on school choice’

(The Center Square) – School choice was not the only issue in the Oklahoma gubernatorial race, but it was one of the most prolific.  Gov. Kevin Stitt vowed… Read More

November 11, 2022
Oklahoma’s school enrollment practices a hot topic in the governor’s race

(The Center Square) – Oklahoma has some of the best open enrollment practices nationwide, according to a report released Thursday. Reason Foundation, which conducts… Read More

November 4, 2022
Public Education
Oklahoma will not add COVID-19 vaccine requirement for schools

(The Center Square) – Oklahoma will not add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of shots required for children before they attend school, state officials said Thursday. The Oklahoma Legislature… Read More

October 21, 2022
Oklahoma bans gender reassignment treatment for minors at Oklahoma University Health

(The Center Square) – Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill to ban gender reassignment treatments for children, including hormone replacement therapy, at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. Read More

October 10, 2022
OK lawmakers approve prohibition on ARPA funds for children’s gender reassignment

(The Center Square) – Democrats and Republicans voted against a bill that would allocate nearly $109 million for health care after lawmakers inserted a provision that would have banned… Read More

September 30, 2022
Public Education
Hofmeister asks for $310 million for Oklahoma teacher pay raises

(The Center Square) – State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister said she would ask the state’s education board for $310 million for teacher pay raises when they meet on… Read More

September 20, 2022
Public Education
Oklahoma sued over transgender bathroom law that restricts access according to birth sex

(The Center Square) – Three transgender students are suing Oklahoma over a law that requires them to use bathrooms based on the sex listed on their birth certificates. Read More

September 9, 2022
Public Education
Oklahoma teacher resigns after encouraging high school students to access banned books containing ‘pornographic’ scenes

A high school English teacher in Oklahoma resigned after being accused of instructing her students to access inappropriate books via a QR code.  The questionable behavior came to light… Read More

August 30, 2022
Public Education
How will Oklahoma spend its $17M in unused pandemic education funds?

(The Center Square) – More than $17 million of unused pandemic relief funds for education administered through the Oklahoma governor’s office sits unused, while the Oklahoma State Department of… Read More

August 23, 2022
Public Education
Oklahoma governor questions the legality of payroll deductions for teachers’ union dues

(The Center Square) – Gov. Kevin Stitt ordered the State Department of Education to check payroll deductions for union dues to ensure they complied with state and federal law. … Read More

August 22, 2022
Public Education
Lawmaker sues Oklahoma over CARES Act education spending transparency

(The Center Square) – A lawmaker filed a lawsuit against the State of Oklahoma Tuesday, claiming mismanagement and lack of transparency over pandemic relief money meant for education. Read More

August 17, 2022
Public Education
Oklahoma lawmaker wants pandemic relief money allocated to teacher bonuses

(The Center Square) – Oklahoma still has more than a billion dollars of pandemic relief money meant for education unallocated. One lawmaker said he’d like to see some of it… Read More

August 12, 2022
Public Education
Report questions accounting practices of Oklahoma State Department of Education

(The Center Square) – Oklahoma’s Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency found $5.8 million of questionable expenditures coded as instruction during an audit of the school’s K-12 spending, according to… Read More

July 27, 2022