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Public Education
Kansas superintendent uses property tax deception to oppose open enrollment

(The Sentinel) – Comments made at the Lansing, Kansas school board meeting on Nov. 13 exposed a consciously false claim and several school funding deceptions by USD 469 Superintendent Marty… Read More

November 21, 2023
States should make public education more accessible through flexible, open enrollment

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden claimed he wanted “every kid, in every zip code, in every state [to] have access to every education opportunity possible.” … Read More

July 18, 2023
‘I’m not going to stop until I stop breathing’: Mother jailed for defying public school zoning regulations speaks out for parents’ rights and school choice

Twelve years ago, Kelley Williams-Bolar went to jail and made national news for lying so her daughters could attend a school outside their public district. Read More

April 18, 2023
School choice finds its groove in 2023

As many states are nearing the end of their legislative session, lawmakers from six states can rest easy after advancing school choice by leaps and bounds over the past… Read More

April 11, 2023
South Carolina House signs off on open-enrollment school bill

(The Center Square) – The South Carolina House has signed off on legislation that proponents say would give parents more control over their children’s education, including a measure to create… Read More

March 30, 2023
Idaho governor signs law mandating open enrollment for all public schools

Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed a new school choice bill into law today that proponents say will end zoning discrimination.  SB 1125 requires all school… Read More

March 29, 2023
West Virginia governor signs new open enrollment policy into law

Gov. Jim Justice signed a bill on Saturday to allow open enrollment in West Virginia’s public schools. HB 2596 enables students to leave a public school… Read More

March 7, 2023
South Carolina voters could decide on state funds for religious schools

(The Center Square) – The South Carolina House passed a measure allowing voters to decide whether to lift a provision that bars state tax dollars from benefiting religious or private… Read More

March 7, 2023