‘Harassment’: Feds impose trans agenda on employers for pronouns, bathrooms

(The Daily Signal) – Under new federal guidelines, an employer would be guilty of harassment for requiring someone to use a restroom that comports with his or her biological sex,… Read More

April 30, 2024
Public Education
Michigan school district cancels first-grade pronoun lesson

(The Center Square) – DeWitt Public Schools canceled an optional “mini-lesson” for first-graders that would have taught they/them pronouns after parent reactions went viral on social media. DeWitt Public Schools… Read More

April 23, 2024
Public Education
Michigan public school teaches first-graders they/them pronouns

(The Center Square) – A Michigan elementary school notified parents it wants to teach their first-grade children about pronouns. The letter written from Schavey Road Elementary School by Principal Liz… Read More

April 19, 2024
Biden admin’s pronoun police demand employees deny biology

(The Daily Signal) – If your boss required you to announce publicly that 2 + 2 = 5 and act like you sincerely believed it, would you comply or be… Read More

December 18, 2023
Teacher fired for not using student’s preferred pronouns wins major victory

(The Daily Signal) – In a gratifying win for religious freedom and free speech, the Virginia Supreme Court concluded Thursday that embattled Virginia high school teacher Peter Vlaming, who had been … Read More

December 15, 2023
Disney gives pronoun pins to Epcot janitors in latest DEI move

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Disney World is rolling out pronoun pins for its employees, according to multiple workers at the theme park who spoke to the Daily Caller on… Read More

November 14, 2023
State-run youth council in Colorado pushes penalties for incorrect pronoun usage encouraged by Democrat lawmakers

A state-run youth council in Colorado is pushing a series of legislative bills to push gender ideology. One of the bills would allow persons to be charged with “discrimination” for… Read More

November 9, 2023
Public Education
Kansas school superintendent defends gender pronoun instruction poster in middle school

(The Sentinel) – Students at Clark Middle School in Bonner Springs, Kansas can familiarize themselves with the issues involving gender identity pronouns with this school-approved wall poster now on display: USD… Read More

September 22, 2023
Judge blocks California school district’s policy to hide pronouns from parents

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A U.S. District Court judge ruled on Thursday that a school district policy requiring teachers to keep preferred pronouns from parents undermines their constitutional rights… Read More

September 15, 2023
Christian Schools
Catholic diocese prohibits preferred pronouns, trans medical surgeries in new school policy

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio, created a policy for the 2023-2024 school year that bars the use of preferred pronouns, medical gender transitions and… Read More

September 12, 2023
Christian Schools
Catholic school system requires students to use name, pronouns that correspond with biological sex

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A Catholic school system in Massachusetts enacted a new policy that requires students to “conduct themselves” in a manner that corresponds with their biological sex,… Read More

August 22, 2023
Public Education
Teacher’s ‘getting to know you’ form offered to not use kids’ preferred pronouns with parents

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A teacher at Catalina Foothills High School (CFHS) handed students a “getting to know you” form asking them to list their preferred pronouns and whether… Read More

August 18, 2023
‘Scare teachers into silence’: Dem Gov vetoes bill to require teachers inform parents of students’ pronouns

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have required teachers to notify parents if their child requested to change their… Read More

July 6, 2023
Public Education
America’s largest teachers’ union unveils LGBT toolkit detailing ‘ze/zim’ pronouns, how to address ‘bias’

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – The country’s largest teachers union released an LGBTQ toolkit Wednesday for educators, explaining “ze/zim” pronouns and how to address bias around sexual orientation and gender… Read More

June 9, 2023
Baltimore proposes ordinance against the use of ‘incorrect names or pronouns’

Using the wrong pronoun in Baltimore City will be unlawful if the Baltimore City Council approves a proposal on gender by one of its members. Councilman Kristerfer Burnett’s… Read More

May 4, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Arkansas Senate advances bill requiring biologically based pronouns in school

The Arkansas Senate has passed a bill prohibiting teachers from using pronouns for students other than those assigned at birth, at least without parental permission. The vote was… Read More

April 10, 2023
Culture, Public Education
California school board keeps policy that hides students’ gender transitions from parents despite pending litigation

(Daily Caller) – A California school board voted Thursday to keep a school policy which directs teachers to keep a student’s gender transition a secret, despite pending litigation over the… Read More

April 10, 2023
Public Education
Colorado school district hid student pronouns from parents for over a decade

Image via Facebook. A Colorado school district has been intentionally hiding student pronouns from parents since 2013 – and its policy was used to determine statewide… Read More

April 4, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Arizona House upholds parental rights with pronoun bill

The Arizona House moved forward a bill that would require parental permission before school officials change a child’s preferred gender pronouns. The bill, which was approved by the… Read More

April 4, 2023
Public Education
North Dakota House fails to override Burgum veto over pronoun use, speed limit

(The Center Square) – The North Dakota House of Representatives did not get the two-thirds majority needed to override a veto by Gov. Doug Burgum on a bill concerning pronoun… Read More

April 4, 2023