FCC to publish race and gender scorecard of broadcasting workforce

(The Center Square) – The Federal Communications Commission has reinstated a policy that mandates broadcasters file a document that lists the race and gender of its employees. Congresswoman Yvette Clarke,… Read More

February 26, 2024
Justice Alito warns of ‘virus’ on race-based school admissions in sharp dissent to SCOTUS petition denial

In a 10-page dissenting opinion, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito warned that a decision by a lower court to allow race-based admissions is a “virus that may spread” if not… Read More

February 20, 2024
Public Education
Group with radical race connections demanding $70B in slavery ‘reparations’ from small Catholic university in Missouri

A group claiming to represent 200 current descendants of slaves who helped build St. Louis University (SLU) in Missouri are demanding $70 billion in so-called reparations from the school. The… Read More

February 19, 2024
California community college launches program only for ‘students of color’

(The Center Square) – A new California community college pre-faculty training program is marketed as only available to non-white graduate students, leading to calls of discrimination. In a program hosted… Read More

January 17, 2024
Connecticut teacher who denounced mandatory ‘privilege’ training is now suing the school board for retaliation

A Connecticut public school teacher filed a federal lawsuit last week against his school board for allegedly violating his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights. John Grande, who taught P.E. for… Read More

January 16, 2024
‘You hired a white woman?’: Staff member sues college after she was allegedly demoted for her race

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A staff member sued the college she was employed at Dec. 14 after she was allegedly demoted for her race, the New York Post (NYP) reported. Read More

December 26, 2023
Public Education
Racially segregated courses in Illinois public schools illegal and unconstitutional, say civil rights attorneys

Racially segregated courses offered by a high school in Illinois are likely illegal and unconstitutional, civil rights attorneys tell the Washington Free Beacon. As reported… Read More

December 6, 2023
GMU’s president gets it wrong: DEI has overtaken his school

(The Daily Signal) – Does having a bevy of officers who push race, sex, and LGBT victim/oppressor theories on university students enhance or detract from their learning? This is the… Read More

October 3, 2023
‘Legally permissible ways’: Biden admin doubles down on higher ed ‘diversity’ despite Supreme Court ruling

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – The Department of Education (ED) released a report Thursday advising colleges and universities on ways to increase “diversity” after the Supreme Court’s recent ruling against… Read More

September 29, 2023
Public Education
Blue state school district shelled out thousands to create ‘equity dashboard’ to track students by race

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A Pennsylvania school district that has pushed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives spent thousands of dollars to create an “equity dashboard” that broke down… Read More

August 28, 2023
lincoln, civics education
Public Education
Poll: Voters and parents think schools teach too much sex and not enough citizenship

A new Fox News poll shows that voters think schools teach too little in the basic academic skills of reading, writing and math. Nearly half of those surveyed (48%) also… Read More

August 21, 2023
Supreme Court could end race-based admissions at elite US high schools, experts say

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – The Supreme Court could take up a case that challenges the use of racial balancing practices at selective high schools following its ruling against race-based… Read More

July 17, 2023
Harvard hints at how it will keep considering race in admissions despite SCOTUS ruling

(The Daily News Foundation) – Harvard University suggested in a statement Thursday that it will use essays to continue to weigh students’ race following a ruling by the Supreme Court… Read More

June 30, 2023
Biden’s ed department tells nation’s schools to go back to race-based discipline

(The Daily Signal) – The school year is over, but a new race-based missive from Washington will loom over teachers and students all summer. Just before Memorial Day, federal education… Read More

June 2, 2023
Federal court reinstates admissions policy found to have anti-Asian bias in Virginia school

A federal appeals court reinstated admission policies at a Virginia high school that allows race-based policies critics say discriminate against Asian Americans. Previously, a lower court found that the admission… Read More

May 25, 2023
Culture, Public Education
High school accused of offering race-segregated math classes slapped with civil rights complaint

(Daily Caller) – An Illinois high school has been accused of offering several math courses that are restricted to students based on their race, according to a civil rights complaint… Read More

May 2, 2023
Missouri State University says its no-white-males-allowed business boot camp was a one-off. Not good enough, says watchdog

A no-white-males-allowed bootcamp for business startups at Missouri State University was a one-off, and future trainings will be offered irrespective of race and gender, a spokesperson says. Not good enough,… Read More

April 20, 2023
No-whites-allowed business boot camp for minorities and women at Missouri State University violates state and federal laws, must be investigated by AG, watchdog argues

Image via Facebook. A business boot camp for women and minorities at Missouri State University that expressly excluded white males violated state and federal laws and constitutions,… Read More

April 20, 2023
Culture, Public Education
How Walmart pushed Arkansas public schools to go woke

(Washington Free Beacon) – In January 2020, Walmart approached public school administrators in Bentonville, Arkansas, about hosting diversity training sessions for the district. “We want people to feel welcomed, comfortable,… Read More

April 18, 2023
A Michigan university is planning segregated graduation celebrations

(Daily Caller) – A public university in Michigan promoted several graduation celebrations that are organized based on students’ race, according to the university website. Grand Valley State University (GVSU) will… Read More

March 21, 2023