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Critics of book restrictions are wrong: They’re not all suitable for kids

(The Daily Signal) – Our English teachers taught us to use extreme caution before writing a word such as “always” or “never.” Such totalizing words are rarely accurate, since most… Read More

March 7, 2024
Public Education
School board folds on banning porn in schools after threats from teacher’s union

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A school board in New York has reversed course on its decision to ban a number of books containing pornographic content from the school’s library… Read More

September 18, 2023
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‘Equitable curation’: Canadian school library removes all books published before 2008, says report

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A school district in Canada has reportedly removed all books published before 2008 in an effort to ensure that the library books available to students… Read More

September 14, 2023