Teacher reveals radical “woke” curricula and training, hidden from the public

Video recorded by a concerned California public school teacher reveals alarming training resources and curricula that include racially charged messages, promote Black Lives Matter and “LGBTQIA+”…

Video recorded by a concerned California public school teacher reveals alarming training resources and curricula that include racially charged messages, promote Black Lives Matter and “LGBTQIA+” activism, and offer information about gender identity to students as young as preschool age.

The instructional material exposed in the video comes from a password-protected portal for the district that’s inaccessible to the public.

The video is from Santa Barbara Unified School district teacher Christy Lozano, and has been widely shared online. The materials in the portal are endorsed by the Santa Barbara Unified School District as part of its “culturally responsive” curriculum. 

In the video, Lozano records her computer screen as she navigates the portal. In one main section, users see resources for “Cesar Chavez Day,” BLM activism and Pride month, alongside more innocuous subjects to do with Women’s History Month and Martin Luther King Day.

Another section, called “Start with Self,” features hoards of CRT-themed material. One subsection is titled “Specifically for white folx (sic).” Though folks is neither “gendered” nor “colored” in any way, activists are calling for the alternate spelling in order to be more inclusive.

From here, one finds articles such as “What White Colleagues Need to Understand: White supremacy doesn’t stop at the teachers’ lounge door.” The article focuses explicitly on teachers dismantling their “white fragility.” It calls on teachers to better manage their “white fragility,” saying their colleagues are tired of doing it for them. The article also asserts that white supremacy is at work in every facet of education.

Also, for white teachers who need training to be “good” guests at protests, there is “How to be a Good White Ally.” How does one do that? One part reads: “Their job at that protest, what they are there to do, is to do everything they can in their power to put their bodies between the bodies of black people and police. They should know if they’re there that they have the privilege of at least knowing that there will be more action taken if they die than if a black person does. Because not only is it disrespectful to disrupt our protests, but it actually is also doing direct harm to the black lives that these folks are supposed to be there to try to protect.”

Readers also are encouraged to “Assume racism is everywhere, everyday.” Or to demand that their church, school, or gym move all its money to specific banks and defund the police. Or, if you’re selling your home, to avoid selling it to white people, but instead to minorities – and at discount. 

And, the material instructs, if your local educational institutions aren’t teaching these principles, let them know they should: “Contact your high school and college/university to create a class that teaches white privilege, the subconscious nature of racism in every US institution (schools, offices, etc), use of racial stereotypes by individuals and the media, etc.” 

Perhaps more troubling is the “LGBTQIA+” section, with its resources regarding transgender and gender identity issues – for children as young as preschoolers. The list includes the “Gender Unicorn” worksheet, gender wheel curriculum, gender-inclusive biology, and “educate and celebrate.” 

The resources are not just for teachers, but also for students. Books meant for preschool to elementary levels that highlight gender confusion or children “misgendered” by their parents are included in a book list. Examples include “When Aidan Became a Brother,” “My Rainbow” and “Sparkle Boy.” 

Such instructional materials may explain why outraged parents are showing up to board meetings, and why many states are introducing education transparency bills. Teachers’ unions are pushing back against parents and legislators, demanding they oppose transparency legislation. 

As long as materials such as those revealed in California remain hidden, parents can’t be sure what their children are being taught. 

Lozano, the teacher who brought these resources to light, says the push to manipulate teachers into teaching these things is akin to psychological warfare. While some teachers wholeheartedly embrace the full spectrum of the “woke” curriculum, many only go along with it out of fear, according to Lozano.

Lozano, an Air Force veteran, says she is resolved to expose these tactics, regardless of what happens: “I’m not the type that moves away from danger – I move towards it. That’s what I was taught. I protect kids. Kids are why I teach. I love kids, and I will protect them. I will go down fighting if I need to.”