‘There are no clinical studies’ on long term consequences for minors of multi-billion dollar ‘Transgender Inc.’ treatments, says Tucker Carlson guest expert

It’s no secret that transgender medical treatment has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. – so much so that Chris Moritz nicknamed it “Transgender Inc.”

“The biggest single…

It’s no secret that transgender medical treatment has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. – so much so that Chris Moritz nicknamed it “Transgender Inc.”

“The biggest single policy catalyst for this explosion is Obamacare,” Moritz, an investment banker and consultant, told Tucker Carlson in an interview posted to X on Wednesday. “There was very quietly written into the law a provision in which insurance companies were mandated to provide coverage for what is deemed to be medically necessary gender affirming care.”

Later, an amendment was added to Obamacare, known formally as the Affordable Care Act, whereby “gender identity could no longer be a basis for denial of coverage by private insurance companies.”

Since Obama’s tenure in the White House, the industry of cross-sex treatments has exploded.  

According to Moritz, the industry’s value in 2018 was just below $3 billion. By 2022, it rose to $4.18 billion. 

“By 2030, our analysis indicates that that would increase to $7.5 billion, which represents an 8.5% compound annual growth rate,” Moritz told Carlson.  

This growth is due in no small part to the astronomic increase of individuals identifying as transgender. 

A 2022 study found that 1.6 million Americans aged 13 or older identify as transgender. Notably, the teenage population is three times more likely to identify as transgender than adults.  

Moritz also discussed the dearth of research on long-term effects of transgender surgeries or pharmaceuticals on minors. 

“There are no clinical studies – none – on the long-term efficacy, consequences, and in many cases debilitating, life term effects of these procedures and pharmaceutical products, especially on children.” 

“There are no studies?” Carlson asked, in shock. 

“There are none,” said Moritz. 

“In the case of puberty blockers, you have concern, even among gender clinicians, that brain development may be significantly impacted by the administration of these drugs because if you suppress natural maturation that includes brain development at a very critical stage in adolescence,” Moritz continued. 

“There are concerns about bone density. There are certainly concerns about long-term fertility rates. It goes on and on and on.” 

Many transgender youth and their parents also recall being warned by medical providers that the child is at a higher risk of suicide if they don’t medically transition.  

However, research suggests post-operative patients suffer serious – even life-threatening – consequences. 

“A Swedish study a couple years ago found that post-op transgender patients have a significantly higher likelihood of suicide attempts and requiring inpatient psychiatric care than the overall general population,” Moritz said.  

He also cited a study of 869 patients who received a vaginoplasty, which is the partial removal and reshaping of male genitalia into the appearance of female genitalia.  

“Twenty-five percent [of] post-op [patients] had side effects to the surgery that were so severe that they required additional hospitalization. Of those 25%, 44 have had to have major revisional surgery due to bowel injuries [or] bleeding. Also associated with this particular procedure is total loss of sensation – in other words, sexual functioning.”  

“Total loss” repeated Carlson.  

“Total loss,” confirmed Moritz. “Irreversible.” 

Carlson likened the horrors of transgender genital surgery to female genital mutilation, an internationally recognized human rights violation still practiced in parts of Africa, Asia and South America. 

“I haven’t heard any mention female genital mutilation in the United States in quite some time now,” Carlson observed. “Is that because we now officially engage in it? 

“Of course!” responded Moritz. “We export it to the rest of the world!”  

“[Transgenderism] is ultimately about rejecting what is a foundational, philosophical principle of Western civilization, which goes back to Aristotle, that there is such a thing as objective truth and reality,” he continued. The movement is rooted in “post-modernist cultural Marxism.” 

“Transgenderism is to say, ‘There is no such thing as an objective reality that you are born a male or female,” Moritz told Carlson. “It is your subjective perception over your gender identity that is actualized and made real. It becomes authoritarian as a movement [when] the movement demands society recognize that subjective reality as truth.”