Trans student charged after caught on video assaulting female student in middle school hallway

A male student who identifies as female was caught on video physically assaulting a female student at an Oregon middle school, causing outrage and questions about the school’s safety and…

A male student who identifies as female was caught on video physically assaulting a female student at an Oregon middle school, causing outrage and questions about the school’s safety and disciplinary policies.

The assault happened Sept. 20 at Hazelbrook Middle School in a busy hallway between classes. The now viral video shows the trans student grabbing the female student’s backpack from behind and yanking her to the ground.

The assailant violently shakes the victim by the hair before repeatedly striking her in the face, saying, “Talk sh-t again b—h,” before hitting her one more time and walking off. 

The victim, still on the floor, can be heard saying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t do anything.” She then stands up, saying she can’t breathe. 

Outraged, the victim’s mother, Krista Kiniv, took to social media, expressing her anger and demanding answers from the school. 

“To the school- Where were the supervisors?”  Kiniv asked.  

“Why wasn’t anyone present in the hallways? I don’t want excuses, I want answers. Of course, the coward that he is fled after putting hands on her,” she says before naming the perpetrator. 

“We WILL be pressing charges. I want everyone to see this video. I want everyone to share this video. Assaulting someone is never ok BUT a boy/man should NEVER lay hands on a girl/woman and that’s on the parents for not raising a decent human being.” 

In response to the widespread sharing of the video and public outcry, the Tigard-Tualatin School District board released a statement, but chastised those who shared the video. 

“Students and adults contributed to the sharing of this recording that exposed minors who were directly and indirectly involved without consent,” the statement read. “In addition, the sharing of this incident has spread across the country and beyond, inspiring false information and a focus and discourse on gender identity. These acts have contributed to the trauma individuals and families are already experiencing.” 

On Sept. 27, the district held a student safety and well-being forum to address safety concerns of community members and parents.  

During the public question portion, a parent asked if the school district has a zero-tolerance policy for violence. 

“The answer is simple, the district does not have a zero-tolerance policy,” Superintendent Sue Reiki-Smith said. “We have a progressive discipline policy and for the reasons I articulated, you know what the research says about zero tolerance.” 

However, when community members and parents asked questions about what occurred at Hazelbrook, they were silenced.  

“I would encourage anyone who wants to speak specifically about Hazelbrook to contact me,” Principal Lisa Dailey said. “This isn’t only for Hazelbrook, and I’ve had many really wonderful one on one conversations with families, and I would invite you to do the same.”  

While the faculty and staff at the forum talked positively about the school district and its policies, an anonymous teacher at Hazelbrook Middle School wrote a letter pleading with them to acknowledge the problems and do something.  

“As a teacher at Hazelbrook, I want to bring up the safety concerns that we have as a school community,” the teacher wrote. “Kids are scared and feel unsafe. Our school is not a safe place. Throughout the day, kids are not where they are supposed to be. 

“On a daily basis, I have students coming into my classroom while I’m teaching or while students are working. They come in, knock on doors, and just cause general disruptions throughout the day. More concerning, kids are attacking each other, fighting each other, kids are vaping in the bathroom and throwing things in classroom. If I were a parent and could see what happens in our school, I would not want to send my child here. 

“We have gone so far with restorative justice that students can essentially do whatever they want, with little repercussions because the district has made it impossible to give students consequences. As a staff, we are begging you to make a change.” 

Days after the forum, Hazelbrook Middle School received an email alluding to explosives and a potential shooting, prompting the involvement of the FBI and a school evacuation, according to local KOIN 6. The threat was determined not to be credible. 

The same day the threat was made, the Tigard-Tualatin School District and Tualatin Police Department released a joint press release informing the public that the student had been arrested and charged.  

“On September 20, 2023, an incident occurred at Hazelbrook Middle School in which one student attacked another student in the hallway,” the press release stated. “The youth alleged to be responsible for the incident has been arrested and charged by the Tualatin Police Department. The Washington County Juvenile Department has received a law enforcement referral in this matter, and petition has been filed with the Juvenile Court for Assault 4 and Harassment.”  

The arrested student was allegedly involved in other violent attacks. In another video, the assailant is seen pushing down two female students. After the second student is on the ground, he continues hitting her repeatedly.