‘Unacceptable’: Space Camp USA under fire for biologically male employee allowed in girls’ facilities

Concerned parents are calling out Space Camp USA for allowing a biologically male employee who claims to be female into the girls’ dorms and bathrooms.

“I just need everyone to see this and…

Concerned parents are calling out Space Camp USA for allowing a biologically male employee who claims to be female into the girls’ dorms and bathrooms.

“I just need everyone to see this and know what’s going on at space camp at U.S. Space and Rocket Center,” Clay Yarbrough, a concerned father, posted on Facebook.  “My daughter was planning on going to space camp next week, but we have just found out that this freak is a team lead and a hall monitor in the girls’ dorms and at times could be allowed to be alone in the halls at night. 

“This is a man that claims to be a woman, and they allow it.”  

The male employee, who goes by Molly Bowman, reportedly works as a crew trainer at the Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

Yarbrough’s 11-year-old daughter was planning to attend the camp as part of a school exercise until he learned from another parent that Bowman had access to the girls’ facilities. 

“I heard that one little girl had called her parents and said this guy is in the (dorm) room and ‘I don’t feel comfortable,’” Yarbrough told AL.com.  

In a reply to Yarbrough’s Facebook post, Lauren Metrolis said her daughter just attended the camp and reported a biological man entered the girls’ bathroom while the girls were changing.  

“My daughter was at space camp this last week,” Metrolis wrote. “I can confirm this is absolutely happening. The first thing she told me about camp was that this MAN went into the girls’ shower/bathroom area while they were changing telling them to ‘hurry up ladies.’

“I’m so disturbed. He is not the only one. She said it was heavily promoted. And they also were allowing trans STUDENTS to roam on the girls’ floors at night.”  

In another reply to Yarbrough’s post, Jennifer Lewis said her daughter attended the camp two weeks prior and noticed a lot of the staff members wearing pro-LGBT propaganda.

The Space and Rocket Center released a statement Monday in response to the parents’ concerns, claiming it is committed to student safety and promising an investigation into the allegations.

“We are aware of rumors circulating on social media about a Space Camp employee,” the statement obtained by News 19 said. “We would like to assure parents, teachers, and the public that the safety and security of Space Camp students is our number one priority. 

“Any allegations of misconduct are taken very seriously. We are working to determine the facts in this case, after which we will take appropriate action. The U.S. Space and Rocket Center adheres to all state and federal laws regulating hiring practices.” 

Despite the Space Center’s claims of stringent hiring practices, Yarbrough said he’s “shocked” Bowman was ever allowed near a child after viewing the employee’s social media accounts.

“Below is gonna be shocking that he was ever allowed to be around children!” Yarbrough wrote. “They didn’t do their due diligence, nor did they care to. A friend of mine just dug this up in no time.” 

In one example, published by Libs of TikTok, Bowman posted to X, “Somedays I just wish I was a boy that had a pu**y [instead] a girl that has a d**k……………..”.

In July 2023, the same month Bowman started working at Space Camp, he posted another sexually explicit message on X: 

“I just really want a girl just punch me in the face…… like hickeys are great… but f***ing gimme a black eye…… knock me the f*** out so I can wake up with my head on her thighs…F***!”  

The outcry has caught the attention of lawmakers, with several state politicians now calling for Bowman’s immediate termination and a review of safety protocols at the camp.

“I call on the Center to immediately remove this individual and open a safety review to consider the potential harm and damages they have inadvertently caused children,” Rep. Dale Strong, R-Alabama, posted on X.  

Rep. Gary Palmer, R-Alabama, called the situation “unacceptable.” 

“The situation currently unfolding at @SpaceCampUSA is unacceptable,” Palmer wrote on X. “When parents sent their kids to Space Camp in Alabama, they should be confident they are going to a safe, educational environment.”