Virginia Dems, teachers’ union accused of ‘hypocrisy’ over opposition to anti-Communist bill

Hung Cao, a retired Navy Captain, who supports the VA anti-communist bill.

The education establishment in Virginia continues…

Hung Cao, a retired Navy Captain, who supports the VA anti-communist bill.

The education establishment in Virginia continues to turn a tin ear to voters, opposing a recent vote on a bill that aims to shed light on communist misdeeds.

Virginia’s HB1816 would require the dangers of communism be taught in schools and the victims of communist atrocities remembered.

Communist pogroms were so widespread in the last 100 years that experts have proposed the term “genocide” is inadequate to describe the volume of mass murder committed by the various socialist and communist regimes.

“Yet, Virginia’s largest teachers’ union opposed HB1816 with an absurd claim that teaching about the dangers of communism and honoring its victims would incite anti-Asian hate because out of five current communist countries, four of them (China, Laos, North Korea and Vietnam) are in Asia,” Helen Raleigh, a senior contributor to The Federalist, who is also Asian, wrote in an op-ed.

Raleigh is not alone either.

Some of the fiercest critics of communist regimes are those who escaped from those countries.

“By these Democrats’ logic, if teaching communism creates Asian hate, then what does teaching about slavery create?” Hung Cao, a retired Navy Captain who worked as a special operator told The Lion.

Cao’s family escaped from Vietnam on one of the last planes out of Saigon in 1975.

“Teaching the truth is never comfortable, but it’s critical to ensure future generations don’t repeat past mistakes. I know firsthand that communism is not something to take lightly, and we cannot let it become just another form of government that we adopt in the name of equity,” added Cao.

Ultimately the Virginia House passed the legislation 64-36, yet it was tabled indefinitely in the state Senate when the Education and Health committee voted 9-6 along party lines to shelve the measure.

A similar bill in the U.S. House of Representatives split Democrats earlier this month, passing with 109 Democrats in favor and 86 opposed.

In Virginia’s case, the opposition from the Virginia Education Association and Democratic lawmakers was condemned by Raleigh.

“The hypocrisy of Democrats and the teachers’ unions is that while they blame systemic racism for all unequal outcomes in America, they actively practiced anti-Asian hate in our education system,” wrote Raleigh, referencing the battle over admissions and testing, which sees Asian students outperform other demographics. 

“From eliminating gifted and talented programs in K-12 to canceling merit-based entrance exams to elite high schools, to dropping standard tests from college admissions, and defending the so-called ‘holistic’ college admissions at institutions such as Harvard University, their objective is to limit Asian American’s representation because we are the ‘wrong’ kind of minority.”