Global Week of Student Prayer: Stories from around the Nation

Last week, students from all around the nation took part in what is known as the Global Week of Student Prayer. The most recognizable event from this week each year is called “See You at the Pole,” which is a student-organized, student-led movement that emphasizes the power of prayer amongst students in their respective schools and communities. This year’s event was held on Wednesday, September 22nd. 

Thousands of posts donned the hashtag #SYATP from all over America, from Michigan to Texas, Virginia to California, and everywhere in between. Pictures and videos of these moments depict gatherings large and small of young people praying. Top posts had accumulated hundreds of shares and comments.

See You at the Pole 2021 – Savoy HS
So proud of these kids for getting up early, and choosing to share their faith…

Posted by Kylie Robertson Davis on Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Rain didn’t keep students in Indiania from praying: 

An estimated 1 million students take part in the event in over 64 countries across the globe each year. While initially catching fire in a public school context, the wide range of students participating includes young people from private schools, homeschools, and Christian Schools.

Our "See You at the Pole" event was a success! We "Just Prayed" for our school, our community and our world! We thank…

Posted by Central Christian Academy on Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Whether it was a large event with months of planning or a handful of kids holding hands and saying simple prayers, the theme was the same: “Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you” (James 4:10). Put simply, the call to the students was, “Just Pray.”

One parent from Tullahoma, TN described what she saw take place in Facebook post: “Today and in the days leading up to this event all I saw was Unity, believers in one accord sharing Jesus with the world.” This same sentiment was expressed by students and parents across social media. In a time of increasing division and strife, there was a strong display of unity. Students simply prayed.

Starting in 1990, this SYATP movement was birthed out of a small group of Texas teens who, after a gathering, felt a burden to pray for their schools like never before. They drove to different high schools and prayed at their flagpoles for God to move in their schools in a powerful way. This concept was then organized by youth leaders into “See you at the Pole,” and the idea caught fire in multiple states and continues to grow today.