Josh Mann

Josh Mann, Ph.D., is the Managing Editor for The Lion. Prior to working for the Herzog Foundation, Josh worked for a software startup in the language-learning space. His previous work includes…

Public Education
Missouri State hires DEI champion as next president

Red states tend to take one step forward and two steps back on inclusivity, asserted the next president of Missouri State University, Richard Williams. The former high school athletic trainer,… Read More

March 8, 2024
‘It’s far from even handed.’ Overwhelming evidence suggests Biden DOJ targets pro-life supporters, fails to prosecute pro-abortion activists under FACE Act

The Department of Justice official who is supposed to investigate crimes against pro-life pregnancy resource centers once called them “fake clinics,” which are “harmful” and “predatory.”… Read More

December 8, 2023
Christian Schools
Christian Teacher of the Year: Brooke Stewart is pioneering an agriculture program for Christian education, making hard work cool again

Agriculture and Christian education don’t always go together. But they should. Just ask Brooke Stewart, who teaches agriculture science at Victory Christian Academy in Decatur, Texas. “It’s more than cows,… Read More

September 29, 2023
Christian Schools
Christian Teacher of the Year: Joseph Cox takes his students to ‘court’ to put their faith on trial, preparing them for college and life

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the linchpin of the Christian faith. So how do you teach Christian school students to believe and defend it? Put the belief on trial. Read More

September 26, 2023
Public Education
Three school district officials signed off on grant for ‘gender-affirming closet’ in Kansas City-area district months before belated rejection

Despite Kansas City-area Liberty Public Schools’ previous statement denying it applied for a grant for a “gender-affirming closet,” documents obtained by The Lion reveal three high-level district officials signed off… Read More

August 25, 2023