4 ways parents can keep their children safe from the woke drift of modern children’s literature

Children’s books are one of the most powerful tools parents have to help teach their kids how to be humans.

From picture books being read at bedtime, to novels being read by flashlight under…

Children’s books are one of the most powerful tools parents have to help teach their kids how to be humans.

From picture books being read at bedtime, to novels being read by flashlight under the blankets, kids flourish in the safety of stories as they develop their belief systems. Resilience, empathy, respect, and many other noble traits are portrayed and experienced vicariously through books. What a powerful tool!

Having been a part of the children’s book publishing industry for several decades, and as a passionate participant, I’ve watched in growing dismay as the children’s literature world has shifted and changed – and most recently taken a drastic plummet.

Their goal is normalization. For a while, worldly ideology was the make-up of a book’s plot lines. Now ideology has shifted to become the very fabric of the setting – the normal backdrop of the story – as if it exists that way in real life.

This normalization leads to acceptance, which leads to embracing.

By weaving these social agendas into the “normal” background of a story, when children reading the book feel shocked at a scene or description, they immediately shift to feeling shame for being shocked in the first place. Kids will seek to replace their shame with acceptance. This is the power of normalization. 

This shift to normalization has been happening for a long time. From novels portraying kids as environmental activists, to increasing sexualization, to depictions of abuse and racism, and most recently the focus on sexual identity – today, if books don’t include any of the above depictions, they are rarely published by medium and large publishing houses. 

Publishing companies are no longer focused on quality writing, but rather on the spreading of worldly ideology. Their distribution catalogs are organized by agenda, not just genre. Awards are given to the most “progressive” stories, and traditional values are mocked. 

Library systems have ‘weeded out’ books with traditional values and replaced them with modern stories. Librarians themselves are more than happy to display, promote, and order books that are in line with their personal values, not the values of the families who used to frequent the children’s library departments. 

We can no longer walk into a library or bookstore, grab a children’s novel off the shelf, and expect it to be clean, based in traditional values, or contain age-appropriate material. 

It won’t. 

The children’s book publishing industry – from authors to publishers to librarians – believe they should have the power to control your children’s minds. 

And they’ve progressively gained that access. 

So, what can we do? 

Here are 4 ways parents can help keep their children safe. 

1. Shift the narrative. 

Work to normalize traditional values again in children’s media. Seek out creative content for your kids that aligns with your moral foundation. Become aware of the tactics entrenched in the present industry and recognize where they are working to infiltrate your children’s minds. 

Make sure that when your kids are exposed to content in books, shows or movies that goes against their moral understanding, they still feel shocked. And then have discussions with them about those situations so their shock doesn’t turn to shame. Keep the shock – don’t allow the shame. 

If we allow the normalization of worldly agendas into our children’s minds, that is what will become normal. Instead, normalize traditional values. 

2. Find alternative schooling for your kids. 

This shift in the children’s book publishing industry is magnified a hundred-fold in the public education world. Books are just one tool liberal teachers and administrators have within their arsenal. They want control over what is being introduced into your children’s minds, and what they want is not what you want. 

I hear from so many parents that their local school is a good one, and not like what you hear in the news. They are wrong. Every public school in America has been infiltrated, from the tiny rural schools to the huge urban ones. The takeover has happened from all sides, whether parents see it or not. 

Any sacrifice it takes to remove your kids from this rapidly building systemic shift, and bring them back under your wing, will be worth the effort. 

3. Seek new sources. 

There is a new rising industry in America of clean content for kids – clean books, shows and movies that normalize traditional values instead of worldly agendas. The other side controls the existing industry structure, but this new rising industry is doing things differently. It is going around the existing structure and reaching directly to families that are eager to find better content.  

Seek out authors, publishers and producers you can trust, and support them in their efforts to bring families clean media. The best way to combat the indoctrination of this generation is to provide an alternative collection of creative content for kids. 

Here is a list of rising book publishers, curriculum creators and show producers that are on your team: 

  • Chicken Scratch Books: Middle grade novels and companion online curriculum 
  • Brave Books: Picture books that directly combat social agendas and include activities and games 
  • Heroes of Liberty: Picture book biographies of traditional and conservative leaders 
  • Waxwing Books: Clean and beautiful children’s books in association with Read Aloud Revival 
  • Story Warren: Middle grade fantasy novels—home of The Green Ember series  
  • The Tuttle Twins: History, civics, economics, and government books, magazines, curriculum, and a show 
  • PragerU Kids: Educational books, magazines, shows, game shows, and curriculum for all ages of kids 
  • Angel Studios: Shows and movies for the whole family 
  • Yippee TV: YouTube alternative with hundreds of clean and faith-based kids’ shows 
  • Sherwood Entertainment: Digital content – ebooks and audiobooks, old TV shows, videos for kids 

4. Create new libraries. 

Build your own home, church, or community library filled with books worthy of reading for generations to come.  

As the industry continues to censor and change historical titles, and only publish new books filled with their agendas, we can push back by gathering and creating our own collections. And then share them with all the neighborhood kids.  

I know of homeschool moms who, through organizing, collecting and sharing their resources, have expanded the reach of good books exponentially in their co-ops. I know of church groups creating libraries of strong, clean literature for their congregations to borrow and share. This is the type of library we can all support and help build up for the rising generation. 

The world of modern children’s literature has been overtaken by worldly ideals. We now find ourselves in a battle for the minds of our children and grandchildren, even within the walls of our own homes. This is a battle we cannot lose.  

Thankfully, there are still many children’s book authors who are unwilling to compromise themselves to meld into modern expectations.  

There is a growing number of new publishers rising up, and established Christian publishers branching out, to fill the void left by the industry’s shifting agendas. There is a smattering of librarians who hold firm, and quietly fight the battle one book order at a time. And there is much that families can do to push back personally against the onslaught from all sides of children’s media.  

Be aware. Be firm. Be proactive. 

We will win.