Amy Howe

Amy is an independent reporter for SCOTUSblog. She also writes for her eponymous blog, Howe on the Court. Before turning to full-time blogging, she served as counsel in over two dozen merits cases at…

Court leaves Texas’ six-week abortion ban in effect and narrows abortion providers’ challenge

On Friday, the court released opinions in the two Texas abortion cases heard in November. (Beechwood Photography via Flickr) Nearly six weeks after the Supreme Court heard oral arguments… Read More

December 10, 2021
Conservative justices scoff at Maine’s exclusion of religious schools from tuition-assistance program

Michael Bindas argues on behalf of parents who want to send their children to religious schools. (Art Lien) The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Wednesday in a challenge… Read More

December 9, 2021
Majority of court appears poised to roll back abortion rights

It has been nearly 30 years since the Supreme Court’s decision in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which reaffirmed the constitutional right to abortion that the court first recognized in… Read More

December 7, 2021